Smp8... and all of EMC remembers CadenMann

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  1. Hi folks. If you have not heard the news, today 9/6/2015, CadenMann was banned. Appeal is pending. I'm making this thread to help us remember the life of a very long time member, and to show support through the forums for our fallen friend during the appeal process. Please remember that staff have final say and I'm sure their decision will be fair so be nice to them or at least respect them, (or you'll be in trouble too). They work hard and make mistakes like everyone else. If anyone has good stories with CadenMann, show them off here!
    Peace Everyone,
  2. "Smp8... and all of EMC remembers CadenMann"

    Sorry mate I' m from smp6 and have no idea who this is.
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  3. This is so true. Most staff bannings are justified. However, idk what's with smp8's chat this evening.
  4. Yea I have been a member for 1,243 days and 11 hours as an smp6 player and also don't have a clue who this is
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  5. Cadenmann is cadenman2002, with a changed name.

    R.I.P CadenMann
    I loved his "Ayyyyyyy" and his clever jokes.
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  6. Caden's a member of EMC who is quite important to smp8.
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  7. cadenmann was banned ....No
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  8. Aww. Sad to see him go. Will always be remembered. :oops:
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  9. Even if their an important player to smp8 the creater of this thread should not assume "all of EMC" knows this guy
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  10. Even though not everyone on EMC knows Caden, he is a very active member in the community and on the forums and is a contribution team member, and all around a good guy.
  11. I doubt it was even Illegal Mods... It probably was some Unnoticed Bug, or a Visual Glitch that could like Illegal Mods. I've been through this painful process because of a Visual Glitch. Anyways, Best of luck.
  12. :rolleyes: It's a gesture not meant literally...
  13. People on a lot of the different SMPs know him.
  14. I'm sure after ~ 1400 days, Cadenmann has made an impact of some sort on every smp. There's hundreds of thousands of users here on EMC, so no I dont expect everyone to know Caden. Just a longtime member is gone : /. Caden's been here longer than most of us. It's fine that you don't know CadenMann. I guess you do not know me either? Maybe we should change that :D.
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  15. I just hope it's quick because I want my Caden back. :oops:
  16. We all do. Lets hope this thread turns into a neat little relic someday, when Caden comes back.
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  17. Thank you all for your support in these rough times. I appreciate how this thread is remaining civil and not turning into a flame war, as I would hate that. Thank you all once more.
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  18. I super like that. There's just no button to push to show it. Thanks EMC for keeping it civil! We miss you caden! I guess it's a good time to note that banned players can still participate in forums, apparently. I guess through the appeal process at least?
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  19. Definitely. Forum bannings are usually a completely situation than in-game bannings. ;)
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