Smp7, you worry me

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  1. Kephras's "Smp8, you worry me" thread inspired me to create one for Smp7. The people from 7 are and can be just as odd as Smp8. And I have a few examples...

    John 316.png

    ignorant pelican.png
  2. Hehe, we are odd in our smp7-ways ;) Game on!
  3. Let's focus on how nice SMP7 is :)
  4. I believe this was smp7... maybe smp9.... it was a long time ago.
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  5. 2015-03-22_17.55.50.png

    This blew my
  6. Ok, ok, ok, let the smp "wars" begin. (naah, jest wars!).. I am so going to collect stuff from smp2. I'm pretty sure we can be just as weird as you guys ;)
  7. Whoahohoho, I think I see SMP7 making a comeback as EMC's weird server! We'll about that when I get on today and start talking about eating toasters!
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  8. Smp2 weird? Na we are good little....
    (Finish the sentence with whatever you would like lol)
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  9. We need an SMP9 one...
  10. I feel like SMP8 has been issued a challenge. Time to step up our game.
  11. We potato better than you.
  12. Curse you and your flawless argument.
  13. Oh, a thread where I can finally see the legendary shenanigans of Smp7-
    *reads thread*
    Well, Smp7 is not nearly as odd, strange, weird, crazy, uh, unique as the 8, but we still need to cheer for effort.
    *And the crowd goes mild*
  14. Aren't you (deathconn) from SMP8? You started out on SMP8, I believe. :p
  15. I started on smp7 but moved one of my reses to smp8 :p
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  16. Time for me to go through my pictures and try and find a few to show exactly how "interesting" smp6 can be, boy will this be fun!
  17. So you're all Irish then?
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  18. Okay. By the way, we already know what the weirdest EMC server is. It's [REMOVED BY STAFF].
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  19. Ehh, /smp7 is pretty tame compared to what I read on the /smp8 thread o.o

    And we're friendly! :)