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  1. Hey guys! So my brother and I were looking through servers and decided to make a little outpost area in SMP 3. Here's what we've got set up:
    Pig Farm: We go through with Fire Aspect swords and get us some cooked pork :D
    Cow/Mooshroom Farm: Again, we go through with Fire Aspect to get Beef along with Leather
    for enchanting books
    Sheep Farm for fulfilling your wool needs
    Large Wheat Farm
    Medium Size Carrot Farm
    Medium Size Potato Farm
    Level 30 Enchantment Room: Includes an Anvil
    A room for locked items
    Public supplies
    Easy Netherfortress Access
    Frequent Wither Battles
    Blaze Grinder - In Progress
    Potions Room (Includes small Netherwart Farm)

    I felt like it was edit this.

    Edit - Add on thing:

    Some of you (Supporters) may remember when I made a Utopian village type thing. It's still there and I still consider it successful, but it being Utopia not enough people were there or able to come, so I moved to a server that is more accessible.
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  2. I'll be releasing more information about it as soon as we improve it and fancy it up.

    Edit: You may want to bring several boats. We'll be boating 10,000ish out.

    Edit 2: If you do want to come, post here or message me so I know who to look for
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  3. Well it's quite a bit later and nobody wanted to come so I'm heading out now. If you wanna come message me for coords.
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  4. I may be interested if I knew a little more of the project.
  5. Basically it allows someone an area in the wild to mine safely and with a group so it's a little less boring. It has everything you'd need to survive and it makes the game a little more fun. We're currently looking on expanding the size of it and possibly make several grinders, but we only started yesterday.
  6. Anyone is allowed be it supporter or not, new players and old. We don't want people who will just come, take the public supplies leave and sell them though. If you do then we'll ask you to leave
  7. Entrance: Complete
    Tree Farm: In progress
    Wheat Farm: Complete
    Cow Farm: (2 adults, one child. - 5 Adult Mooshrooms)
    Melon Farm: Starting soon
    Skeleton Grinder: Looking for spawner

    More to come when current projects are finished
  8. So who all is apart of this so far?
  9. Just Crazy1080, a guy named Ultimategamer107 (More ingame, not forum) and I. We're hoping to expand though.

    Ultimate was there last night when we started. He hasn't been on today though. Very nice guy.
  10. OK I may drop by this weekend :)
  11. I'll shoot you the coords :D
  12. Tree farm is complete, just working on getting saplings now :D

    We have four sections for trees, 10 trees each. Currently we only have oak saplings, so if you wanna bring some that'd be great! Any type works
  13. sounds awsome care if i join you and your friends?
  14. Not at all :)
  15. Can I join?
  16. I've been playing Minecraft for only about 5 weeks now. After a few weeks of playing single player I started looking for a good multiplayer server. I decided to join Empire and jumped on to smp3. I left for the wild and ventured out about 10k in the ocean and found a nice spot to dig in. Last night I commuted 45 mins back to town to buy supplies for an ender chest, made a chest on my res in town, put everything I bought in to it, and went back to the wild. And like the noob I am, forgot to carry the supplies I need to make an ender chest at my base.
    If you are in my neck of the woods I would love to come and help with your outpost. My base is nothing special and I can abandoned it.
  17. I'll message you the coordinates and you an decide whether or not to make the trip
  18. Coordinates sent.

    Carrot Farm: Complete
    Pig Farm: In Progress. Just mating piggies.
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  19. High five to getting the carrot from the zombies
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