Site going down for multiple ~30 second intervals

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by wafflecoffee, Jun 10, 2019.

  1. The site seems like it randomly goes out randomly for ~30 second intervals at a time. I've tried other sites and they load at their normal speeds. I even tried going to and got this result:
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  2. Hm, I haven't experienced this? I wonder whats wrong :confused:
  3. Not sure what this is; if it's normal, I've never heard of it or experienced it. I'll forward this on to Aikar :)
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  4. I should've asked before: since when do you experience this? As for all you can read here it could be for a short duration only.
  5. I've only experienced it within the past two days or so. Thanks Alex!
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  6. I believe I had it once too, yesterday evening at around 11 PM (5 PM EMC time). For the rest, no issues whatsoever.
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  7. I've not received any monitoring alerts, meaning it would be related to network peering or our hosts network which is out of my control.

    My host did however just recently have maintenance to fix something related to this kind of issue, so it is possible they are still having problems.

    Please record EXACT date and time you witness it happen and report it to me here so I can grab a collection of times to give to my host to see if it is with them or not.
  8. I'm sorry, but I didn't think to record the exact time. It probably was with the host and I haven't been experiencing it within the past couple of days, so I think their maintenance must be complete. Thank you for saying this.
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  9. I actually had it this morning... :p (somewhere around 6:00 AM EMC time, not sure on exact timing... it was when I first went to check my (4) alerts this morning.)
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  10. I also had this this morning. Same time as Tom, I think, until probably about 9AM (EMC time).
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  11. Please keep in mind that your connection to the Empire is not a direct one, your data travels past dozens of routers and other gizmo's. Ergo: if one of those gizmo's fails then that will have its effect on you too!

    This is on my 'Zefiris' server, named after the Dragoon from the 'Scrapped Princess' anime series (really impressive series IMO):
    So what is happening here? Traceroute ("tracert" on Windows) is a command that checks which route your data will travel in order to reach a certain destination, in my example above that would be "" which is the Minecraft server we all connect to.

    The "-w 2" tells it not to wait for too long (5 seconds default) because there are a lot of routers which don't like getting pinged or probed or... you get it. I didn't feel like waiting too long :)

    The | character tells my server that it should sent the output from the 'traceroute' command into another one, "wc" in this case. "wc" stands for Word Count and is meant to... you guessed it I hope :) The -l paramter tells it not to count words but lines instead. And in the output of 'traceroute' every line is a router between me and the Empire server.

    So yes: 70 places where this can go wrong. That is your problem: somewhere between you and EMC.
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  12. That's cool to see!