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  1. Free to use Basalt farm SMP3 6779 - enjoy

  2. /v 16150 or /v +heads on SMP8 has over 300 different deco heads reasonably priced, always in stock, constantly expanding.

    Fate's deco head shop/ res is incomplete and only has a few different heads for sale. Doesn't seem to active, either.
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  3. Katy, thanks for putting this together.

    Now open, The Netherite Exchange
    /utopia /v +ne The Netherite Exchange - buying and selling Netherite Ingots

    In short I would like to add:
    /utopia /v +ee The Emerald Exchange - buying and selling Emeralds
    /utopia /v +be The Book Exchange - buying and selling Books
    /utopia /v +xp The Experience Exchange - buying and selling XP Potions
    /utopia /v +de The Diamond Exchange - buying and selling Diamonds
    /utopia /v +fe The Iron Exchange - buying and selling Iron Blocks

    and for convenience, they are all available at the Exchange Hub, /utopia /v +exchange

    You can read more about what an exchange is and some pictures here:
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  4. Could you add my shop? /v 7009 on smp3. The shop is owned by both Kaeli1214 and I.
    Our newly renovated shop is soon to be the largest shop on smp3. We have almost all in game blocks and items.
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  5. This wool shop, still partially stocked with pre-1.13 wool, is now properly stocked with at least 12DC for every colour, and run by Tom and me. :)
    Both that one and the cobblestone shop can now be accessed via a central teleport hub at 966, which we will expand upon and properly decorate in the not-quite-near future. :)

    These are the two entries we'd want on both the shops and bulk shops list: :)

    966 (Alternatively: 1070) *TomvanWijnen* = Cheap bulk Cobblestone, Stone, and Smooth Stone.
    966 (Alternatively: 859) *TomvanWijnen* = Cheap bulk Eggs (regular chicken eggs)
    966 (Alternatively: 963) *Egeau* = Cheap bulk Wool, usually with DCs upon DCs of every colour in stock.

    I don't know if you would want to merge the entries or not. They, and some other small shops we want to start, currently are quite different, but will become more uniform and centralised once the 966 teleport hub is done, which, knowing us, might take another year. :p


    Additionally, to "Miscellaneous Res Locations and Public Works," you can add

    5333 *Tomvanwijnen & Egeau* = Two elaborate, long and speedy ice boat racing tracks.

    The main thread of this project can be found here. I first thought this tread would not be the place for it, but looking at the other entries, I think it might be. :)
    Also, we sell boats there :p

    Edited: The wool shop's alternative teleport is 963, not 1070; the cobblestone shop is 1070, not 859. :)
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  6. Your shop is happily being added. Let me know if the description is adequate.
    Fate asked for his unique shop to be added, even as just some place to explore. I don't judge, just list 'em.
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  7. I have opened a Wither Rose exchange, /utopia /v +wr
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  8. :eek: how extraordinary and a pleasant surprise
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  9. Is this shop back up and running? I seem to recall maybe seeing an advertisement in chat for it.
  10. The List should be up-to-date now, with the exception of some of these locations listed here. I need to run down owners for a couple of them and permission from cubefragment to list his coaster. With my internet acting up, I could not determine which smp 5333 was located on. But these are the very next ones that I will work on, so I just listed here for easy reference of where I stopped working.

    The rest of any shop listings that do not currently have an owner listed means that it was given to me in-game and I don't have a reference to go back and look up the owner. It will just take a bit. I also have some directions to add for 2 of the wild End locations.

    A sincere Thank you to Linden for pestering me - sometimes I need that :D as it can be much more fun to go run out and explore instead of the 'stuff that needs done'. This compilation has been a labor of love, but sometimes I love to be doing something else :p
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  11. I could not arrive with +list to 14284
    and I could not find a coaster entrance on 14458 or 14456. I think the coaster entrance is only at 14572 at the bottom of the tower/elytra glide
  12. CAUGHT Up
    to this Point
    If I have made a typo in your listing, please let me know. I am still adding owner's names to listings, so that they can be contacted with questions. However, I believe that all suggested shops have been added to the list.

    Currently created shops that have 'move' turned off (probably for construction or updating)
    +mm 12221
  13. smp8 has already had +anvil thanks to the Banking clan, but you are added
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  14. correction to my +heads / 16150 shop on 8- over 100 i think, definitely more than 30 though :p

    can you add 16149 too :)
  15. my typo. was supposed to be 300. fixed to 300.

    what needs added to 16149?
  16. "Miner's Discount" +mm 12221 on smp6 is temporarily closed. We hope to reopen it soon. For the time being, until M4ster is able to take his residences back (if he so wishes), the mall will also be under new management, co-owned by myself, GreenMeanie, and TheFryedmans.
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  17. Public "bring your own gold" Piglin bartering station:
    smp8 Frontier NW right next to the portal in the nether. Use at your own risk.
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  18. Smp2 Megamall, 3559 or /v +SSRC is stocked and up and running again. Selling and buying almost everything. Get your essentials and building blocks here!
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