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  1. What version of Minecraft are you using? I recommend 1.9
  2. You are not typing it correctly. For example.
    /Res pset !1234 ChickenEar
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  3. Chickeneer, I've been getting booted off the server within a few minutes of logging on all day today. I redownloaded Minecraft to be certain, use an Nvidia graphics card, and my computer is more than sufficient for the game. I keep getting the same message:

    JIRA issues: MC -103978, MC -103981. I can send a more detailed error report if you need. Please help!
  4. I'm using 1.10 on startup
  5. Switch to 1.9 please :)
    Our server is still running 1.9, and the version they released today (1.10.1) has some bugged behavior.
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  6. Switching to 1.9.4 fixed it, disregard :)
  7. Thanks Chickeneer!
  8. Sorry for now simply sharing the obvious, but I'm pretty sure that a lot of players looked into this thread first before they shared this issue elsewhere. So I'm hoping that sharing the issue here helps players to recognize that it is already a known thing:

    Problem: Chickeneer sometimes appears twice on the forums (in the section of online staff).
    Answer: This is known by staff, it's caused by Chickeneer being both a developer and senior staff.

    (although I think my theory about Chickeneer having invented time travel makes much more sense :D).
  9. I keep getting "Another players shop detected" when I tried replacing a shop sign on smp1, 1145. It's the glowstone sign that's now in an odd position (can be found within a few seconds), because I cannot hang it against the wall. Is there anything that can be done to make me able to hang that sign again?
  10. Can't greet in game at the moment. But this description is a bit vague. Could you give a location (coords) or a screenshot
  11. I'll try explaining the location, because I'm on my phobe right now. If it is still unclear, please say so, because I often seem to suck at explaining :p

    So there is a 2x2 stone pillar (3 high), around which 4 double chests stand. The 8 shop signs for the 4 double chests then hang on the stone directly above the chest. Because my fried and I own the shop together, some shop signs are made by my friend, and some by me. In the past, this used to work, but now I cannot seems to properly replace a shop sign, whwn my friend has another one hamging on the same block (90° futher, in the direction of a clock), because it ssya "Another players shop detected". I mean yes, there is another players shop hanging on the same block, above a different chest, but who cares? lol. And it's weird that it has worked in the past, but not anymore (although "anothrr players shpp detected" has sometimes pestered me ever since joining EMC, it has sometimes worked, and sometimes not...).
  12. Something went haywire

    All the format when to hell so, please fix thanks

    This was on Main page

    I have Windows 10 with Google chrome Version 51.0.2704.103 m
  13. Wrong thread, this is for in-game smp problems
  14. Whenever I try to connect i get an error message saying "Internal Exception: An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host" I have tried restating my PC and router multiple times. I can connect normally to other servers. Wondering if there is a way to fix this , thanks!

    Edit- Nvm !!!! I can get on now1
  15. same thing i get happening to me. I cant log on. I keep pinging the server but cant even find it.
  16. I might have found a bug i cant name guardiens at my temple is there a reason or is it a server issue?
  17. We have code in place that doesn't allow using name tags on monsters if I remember correctly. :)
  18. Just wondering if anyone has an update or whatever on this. :) (click quote arrow for post) (although to be fair, I haven't tried again myself :p)
  19. ahh that explains things lol ok just wondering thanks for the heads up
  20. I can confirm the issue, and maybe this might make it easier to explain:

    In the screenshot my alt placed the shop sign on top of the chest and that works without any problem. But as soon as I try to place the sign against the clay pillar then you get the error message which Tom mentioned above: "[04:06:58] [Client thread/INFO]: [CHAT] Another players shop detected!"

    Hope this can help.
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