chickeneers evil twin

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  1. there are 2 chickeneers on that list so clearly one has to be evil
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  2. It is only logical.
  3. What other logical explanation could there be
    that is right none
  4. You didn't know that chickeneer had a twin? His name is Pigeneer (cringe)
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  5. This topic has hit the forums... I think well over 6 times now :p

    Here's another example:

    And I think you know as much because you're using the exact same screenshot as in that other thread. * If you read closely (the other thread) you'll see:

    But I'll share a noodle with you guys: It's not Chin we should blame! No, it's even more diabolical! :eek:

    I've read a lot on the wiki, as you know, and thanks to all that info I've now come to conclude the inevitable: Chickeneer can travel through time! :D And because of that you see him appear online two times sometimes, it's him and the Chickeneer from the future. They do that to look out for and fix bugs, but unfortunately 1.9 ruined EMC's "http vanish cloaking device" which still works normally in-game (the thingie which makes senior staffers invisible while they're still online) but acts up because of an older version of Xenforo.

    You'll probably hear other explanations but I'm convinced that mine makes most sense ;)

    * I stand corrected by NLTim, thanks! :)
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