Server Problems, Post Here!

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  1. it seems to be up
  2. this is probely a bug basicly if u lock a locked chest pipel that have that chest open dont get kicked out so all items could be removed until the player closes the chest
  3. bugs/exploits should be sent to the devs in a message.
    Not posted in the Server Issues forum thread - this is for issues with the website or game crashing or acting weird.
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  4. I already reported this, but if anyone is wondering why SMP8 is laggy, there is a bug causing lag no matter where you are on the server, even if you are alone and in /shopworld with the other worlds not even loaded. I did not see the same issue with any other server.
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  5. Problem has been resolved.

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  6. what happened?!
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  7. I'm curious to know too!
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  8. Has anyone else seen that seems to be up for sale?
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  9. Yes, it seems like it is now nonfunctional. Chicken is aware and may be removing it from the voting site list soon.
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  10. It should be removed now.
    That is crazy.
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  11. I just tried it again and it worked without issue. The vote even went through, so I guess they fixed the site. :)
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  12. Guess they must have forgotten to pay their bill or something as the site seems to be back up again.