September 1st Massive Update Thread (Non-technical)

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  1. Alright guys, instead of doing this all in different posts and spamming the forums relentlessly, I'm going to pack it all into one post (mostly). Here goes.....

    Community Appreciation Winners (Period of Jan 1, 2014 - June 30, 2014)
    -Original Thread:
    -It was so close between quite a few of our awesome members and even with staff votes after a month, the ties just wouldn't go away. As a result, we have SIX winners this round.
    -The winners will receive a message of where to pick up their prize soon.
    -Congrats to (in no specific order):

    August Referral Contest Winners
    -Referral Winners receive Supporter Vouchers. Click winners receive Blocks of Clickyness. Next month's contest is already going so get voting!
    -August Prizes have been sent 9/10.
    -Referral Winners:
    1st: FDNY21
    2nd: captaincraft300
    3rd: Olaf_C
    -Most Clicks:
    1st: FDNY21
    2nd: Olaf_C
    3rd: Faithcaster

    Comic Strip Contest Winners
    -Original Thread:
    -Winners notified 9/10.
    1st: Lewi_lee_smith (
    -Honorable Mentions (will receive 20,000r each):
    -PlayTehMinecraft (

    September Contest
    -We haven't done another voting contest in quite a while, so that's the theme. The official post will follow tomorrow, September 2nd. Voter's Blocks will be up for grabs. Certain details are postponing this, but it should be up by friday, September 12th.

    Other Non-Technical Things
    -Tutorial layout is complete and a majority of the buildings are up. We read many complaints on how the tutorial was run in the past and have made it a priority to emphasize important bits of the Empire in the tutorial. This does mean that it will be longer than you are used to and alternate accounts will have to suffer through the mundane, but the idea is to present the information in a way that shows the new players WHY they need to know the info as well as the WHAT aspect. Things such as live-map use, how the residence system works, etc are being written out in sign format. The idea is to have a way for every player to learn our systems. We will have video links, big boards with signs explaining things, as well as visual aspects for every type of learner. No player should leave the tutorial without the knowledge needed to not only survive on the Empire, but to thrive! There will also be a further training section for those players that want to basically go through an interactive Empire Wiki.
    -Build Team: Amazing builders! Some are working on tutorial and a few are working on game server. We hit a small snag in the games server development, so we switched our priority until the code-master (Aikar) can figure things out. The games that weren't finished or that we think needed more work are being renovated in the meantime by build team members.
    -Contribution Team: These players are awesome! They have been working hard on blog posts and after some more tweaks we can officially have the posts start rolling out. Each time they submit a post, we have to go through and look at SEO quality, so if it looks like it might be repetitive, that's why. Blame for the delay on the posts actually making it to the blog after being submitted should be placed on me and me alone. All our contributors are amazing writers and the work they put in on maintaining the wiki and the blog is phenomenal. Sometimes they are a little too active and it's hard to keep up =P
    -Youtubers: I have tasked these players with making videos to use in conjunction with the tutorial. That is their primary focus right now. So far from the previews of what I've seen, they are going to be amazing!
    -Staff Team Training: The newbies are almost ready to come out of training so get ready for some more events being hosted by them soon. Also remember that if you think you would make a good addition to the team, PLEASE APPLY! We are always looking for new green blood =)
    -Remember, if you ever have a problem with a player, staff member, how things are done, etc, PLEASE message a Community Manager. We are here to listen to your concerns and try to address them in the best way possible.

    -Now to wrap this long thread up, someone named porphos challenged the EMC Admins to the Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS in this thread:
    Well, it being my 23rd birthday and all today, I figured what the heck. I'm not getting any younger =P. We recorded this on my phone, so sorry for the bad quality, but it is done! My family also had WAY too much fun with this.
    -Chickeneer, RainbowChin, and B4DMAN5IMON you are next. I'll give you all a week (Simon just has to do it when he gets back to school).
  2. Nice updates and congratulations on your first subscriber :)
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  3. Nice Job, everyone!
  4. Where can I acquire those Max, Aikar, and KrysyyJane9191 finger box things?
  5. pixel papercraft
  6. HA! Chin's next xD
  7. Well I didn't place on the contest,but gg to ones who did and let's re soon...
  8. I did not see any ice in that water. Redo!
  9. Finally someone on the team who didn't go full-force lame and actually did the challenge :p Good job
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  10. The ice we had were giant chunks so they were taken out right before dumping to not actually harm me =P
    You can see I practically got flooded from all directions though.
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  11. Solution : Sledgehammer
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  12. Woop, I got mentioned xD good job everyone :D
  13. That is quite the update.
    Yay, a contest I can actually participate in! :D
  14. I'm with Dj_Krazy, another comic contest soon ^.^ congrats to the winners and honourables
  15. Cool. Super Early Post Achievement Get!
  16. I knew Luneiya would have to be there somewhere~ :p
    Good job Hash and Lewi :D
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  17. Congrats to those who won! Also great Ice Bucket Challenge krysyy
  18. i wonned a itemz

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  19. Congrats to everyone who won something! You deserve it :)
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