Senior Staff Services Update

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  1. A few additions/modifications were brought up a while back and after deliberation, now it's time for the official announcement.

    Structure Moves
    15,000 per move
    Got a building or structure that you need moved? Say you built an awesome fountain on your residence only to discover it's a few blocks away from where it needs to be. Senior Staff can move it to where it needs to go. The price is per move, regardless of how many structures you need moving.

    • Structures only to be moved within the same residence.
    • Remember that redstone systems can break with world edit so be prepared to fix.
    Being a gold or diamond supporter now grants you a senior staff service discount. This is only applicable if you are a supporter at the time of the service performed.

    How much do you save?
    Current gold supporters save 10%. For example: a normal SMP residence dirt clearance is discounted from 60k to 54k!
    Current diamond supporters save 25%. For example: a normal SMP residence dirt clearance is discounted from 60k to 45k!
  2. Woo new services! :D
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  3. Nice! My EMC wallet is loving the discounts :p
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  4. Is there a service that can remove a chunk of land?
  5. I like the supporter discount part :p
  6. Finally, structures moves! If these sales were implemented early I would have had a lot more money ;_;.
  7. much news. very good. wow
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  8. How do you mean?
  9. Let's say I made a hotel with 200 floors. I don't like the top 100 floors and wish to remove them. Could I get a Senior Staff to remove it?
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  10. No there is not a service for that at this time.
  11. If we received a service in the past (as a supporter) will we be given the discount % back?
  12. Unfortunately due to the inability to track all of these, the answer is no. It is effective as of November 1st.
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  13. There are some mods that can prevent mistakes in building...
  14. Does the price vary for how big the structure is?
  15. no
  16. :D new services
    probably gonna need it a lot... :p
  17. Sounds awesome! That structure move especially sounds useful. I can't tell you how many times I've miscalculated a build by like two blocks. xP
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  18. hehehe.. I needed this..
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  19. I know you can remove all the dirt in your res for 60k, but can you empty the nether/end/overworld in the same dimensions for the same price?
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  20. Nope, all services apply to residences.
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