Rules Update: May 14th, 2020

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  1. As of May 14th, 2020 we have updated our official Rules and Moderation page.

    Changes were made after player confusion and discussion on multiple posts in the last few months, as well as comparative research against other server rule listings and formats.

    Please read over the new rules as soon as possible and be sure to follow them. The command in-game for /rules will be updated within the next day to mirror the changes necessary.

    A summary of the changes:
    • Move Staff and Mission and Reporting Players sections to the top.
      • Rewording of staff description and discretion disclaimer regarding players who border the rules
      • include shortcut to how the EMC punishment system works
    • combination of similar rules to shorten to a 1-6 system without a 'Miscellaneous' section
      • Rule 1 specific details included in drop-down system due to detail requested/necessary
        • wording changes to clarify
          • inappropriate words/topics
          • the use of other languages in chat
          • inappropriate builds
          • trolling added under public drama
      • Rule 2 details
        • informing players about using features designed to protect them and possible loss of items if they don't
      • Rule 3 details
        • identifying Mojang-side bugs as not-allowed as well as server bugs
        • language to express abuse of server resources
      • Rule 4 details
        • identifying what is NOT a scam pertaining to player shops
        • merging of revealing a wild base you don't own and selling res permissions without unclaiming (originally in Misc)
      • Rule 5 details
        • identifying player traps as PvP specifically
        • adding games server to PvP list of areas
      • Rule 6 details
        • What remained of the Misc section, no wording changes
    • Auction Item and Reverse Auction Rules
      • exclude Supporter Gifts, Supporter Vouchers, and Perm Derelict Protection Vouchers from Auctionable Items
        • The presence of these items on the forums as auctionable items has negatively affected EMC recently and removal from auctions is to stabilize pricing while also not encouraging the rupee sale of items that are attained by supporting EMC monetarily
        • All auctions involving these items active as of 1 pm EMC time on May 14th, 2020 may continue to completion.
    • Discord Rules
      • bold and underline 'both name choices and statuses' to bring attention to something that already existed
    • Forum Rules
      • Combine to a 1-3 system
      • Rule 1 details
        • Mirror overall game rule 1
        • add info about inappropriate profile pics
        • controversial topic forum info added in detail
      • Rule 2 and 3 details
        • no changes
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  2. reserved
  3. It’s nice to see some clarity so players don’t get too confused with wording! Great work staff team!
  4. Good job on the improved rule section staff keep it up!
  5. It's good to have a simplified format. More accessible with details optional!
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  6. Just making sure I am understanding this correctly. So the forum auction of these items is no longer allowed correct? Just wanted to make sure because i checked the actionable items page and it hasn't been updated yet. (assuming its getting an update probably later today)

    Ignore all that just read it again.
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  7. I approve of these rules :D

    But I do have a question...
    Are we allowed to sell/buy vouchers in the Selling/Buying area?
    I know you can't auction them anymore, but u can buy and sell them in those areas, right?
    Thanks :)
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  8. The other non-auctionable items are allowed there, so it's fine for now.
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  9. Great that we got clarification on the rules

    However, what made auctioning off support vouchers a bad thing? Was it left to belive that to purchase a voucher was a sure way to get rupees?

    So wait, we can still buy then from other players? Doesn't the defeat the purpose of changing the auction rule?
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  10. Auctions resulted in extremely varying prices which negatively affected the server. As of now (hence why I said 'for now') we are going to allow them to remain in the Buying/Selling section. That may change if deemed necessary, but we want to see what happens first and if it's necessary.
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  11. Just a question with regards to this, where's the line with this? There's the obvious things like duping and xrays, but what about stuff like shifting floor farms that used to be in the game? Is stuff like that ok?
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  12. EMC reserves the right to indicate any 'intended' behavior as not allowed if Staff deem it necessary for the server.

    Message Aikar and if they say okay, then it's okay. If they say it's not, then it's not. That's the line.
  13. welp ill be the one to say it. i guess since its deemed controversial that there are gay people in this world i cant mention im gay.. i dont see why talk of relationships in general arent banned if EMC is truly and totally accepting of everyone?

    edit: i do see it says sexuality but if in a conversation i say yeah me and my boyfriend went to see that movie for example, is this considered against these new set of rules?
  14. NOTE: We are not Anti-LGBTQ+ and welcome players who are a part of the LGBTQ+ Community. However, to protect those who are from any harassment and to prevent the discussion of sexuality within the server where the audience can include children whose parents may not be comfortable with the topic, the discussion of sexuality should be kept out of the Public Chat channels.

    For clarification on your particular comment, you can still talk about being in a relationship, even if you are in the LGBTQ+ community. Just say 'my boyfriend' or 'this guy I like', etc. There is no need to elaborate or to go into details about your sexuality in a public chat.
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  15. i understand and appreciate that this is an ok example. i am not trying to create drama or anything just wanted to confirm/ clarify :)
  16. It's no problem at all. If there is anything else you need more info on particulars, please let me know.
  17. Thank you Krysyy for all the time and effort you put into this server to make it a safe and inviting place for everybody! All other staff members too! I think I can speak for everyone in saying that you're all very important to us players!
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  18. The prices were pretty all over the place, and I’m sure you have access to data that we the players don’t, but I know a lot of players, myself included, never spend real money on EMC and rely on others who do to purchase supporter vouchers for rupees. I don’t think it’d be wise to ever ban person to person sale of vouchers.
  19. Banning completely is different than what I'm referring to. As noted before, we'll watch and see.
  20. Please keep allowing vouchers to be sold.

    Just for the future
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