Rules Update: May 14th, 2020

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  1. they are allowed to be sold, just not in auctions specifically
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  2. This is to keep the pricing steady, correct? Just trying to wrap my head around it!
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  3. mostly; auctions are much more volatile than (even flexible) selling threads and shops
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  4. Wait there was rules?
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  5. o.(o)
  6. Very confused... Under inappropriate it says "mental health / suicide" what exactly does that include? Can we not discuss stuff about our mental health? Example being talking about struggling with something...
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  7. Talking about depression and struggling with mental health issues should be kept out of the public chat channels. You may still contact and speak with players in private if they are open to it. It's just not something we wish to make acceptable for public discussion with impressionable/young audiences online.
  8. what is the rating for emc again?
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  9. Generally speaking, it is PG. However, the guidelines have been pointed out to us in the past as being confusing to players from different regions since they are US-centric.
  10. Ah, yes, perfect. I appreciate the reminder.
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  11. I assume this will apply to the forums as well? So stuff like JD's recent thread on where he's been will be not allowed?
  12. This is kind of a return to old EMC chat rules, actually. I think that over the past couple years as the community has become slightly older on average and the community has become more self-maintained than it used to be, EMC has kind of also become more passive in moderating things like this.

    When I first joined the staff team, these types of discussions rarely occurred in public chat, and when they did my goal was move them to a private conversation as quickly as possible, otherwise it had to end.

    I never punished anybody for talking about these issues in a public chat. Not to say that I wouldn't have, just that I never did. I always found that getting these people into a private chat was always the best case scenario, for a few reasons:
    1. As Krysyy has stated, we have a lot of young kids on EMC who don't have the ability to comprehend these types of discussions without help from an adult. That is a parent's responsibility though, not EMC staff or other players.
    2. I always find that these people are just wanting to talk, and usually a private chat is more personal. Not only do they get to talk one on one with somebody, but they get to feel even more secure knowing that somebody is listening and they have their undivided attention in a safer, more private environment.
    3. Sometimes when these discussions are held in public, it can turn negative where the person who brought it up can feel attacked or ignored. These are things we don't want happening with somebody who already is feeling down.
    And a lot of this applies to other topics that are included in the chat rules, now. EMC has always been about public chat being about the game, not personal stuff. I agree with a change being made to push us back in that direction.
    As for...

    I won't speak for Krysyy, but there's a reason the forums have a separate page of rules. The currently rules do explicitly state public chat, however, I do agree that the forums should be placed under "similar" rules.

    If so decided, I would consent to Krysyy moving the thread your mentioning into the controversial section, though I have no reason to believe she wants to. The forums are a tad bit different from in-game, but it's still important that they follow a similar set of guidelines as often as possible. Remember, EMC is trying to reach a wide range of audiences, including younger kids. We have to keep that in mind as a server when we want to have certain discussions, especially now that we have a global server chat.
  13. There's a difference between talking about the issue in passing and focusing on the issue or specifics that make players uncomfortable. I've re-read the thread mentioned and it seems fine to not need to be posted in the controversial thread section.
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  14. My two sense alert:

    I really like the 'new' chat rules that are being put into place especially when its come down to having such a wide range of ages on EMC. It is without a doubt that some of discussions such as some of the ones stated above are in fact to much for a child (age 8-13) to comprehend.

    I like to think of EMC chat sometimes as a school. The teachers/adults would talk differently to there students than they would in the staff room for example. Im not saying that the more mature members of EMC should act as the dictators, but more a less just try to have civil conversations that all parties could easily answer too. I think that keeping this more in mind EMC would definitely see a better jump in a younger audience of age 8-13, and truthfully I think it would be great for the player base of EMC to be even more diversified :D especially during times like these
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  15. I did have another question. Regarding this part of the rules page:
    Does this mean that multiple account interaction is ok as long as we aren't afk and can hear and see all screens/ accounts? This is what it sounds like when I am reading it :)
  16. Interactions from two accounts at once goes beyond normal play ability. Think of it as the capabilities of one person at the keyboard.

    This does mean, however, that one account could be afk and doing nothing while a farm runs, while another account that you are paying attention to uses a clicker.
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  17. That escalated quickly. :p (context: 'vaarwel' is generally only used when you're expecting to never see the person in question again; 'vaarwel' might be used even more rarely than the English 'farewell')

    Anyway, thanks for updating the rules. Will the automating actions part be looked at soon or will that be postponed until issues arise again? I recall that several times, individual cases popped up where the final judgement deviated from the rules.
  18. Thanks for the update! :) I reread the entire rules page, I like the expanding parts! I did notice quite a few typos though. :p I recommend getting rid of those, as typos in a rules page doesn't really show good "authority", I think.

    I can confirm such things to be confusing - I have no clue what PG is. :p Thanks for clarifying this for the non-US players! :) Perhaps, seeing as Faded found this useful, it could be useful to add these US-based terms between brackets after the general text?
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  19. Send me a list of typos please and I'll look at them.
  20. We looked at and did not change the automating actions or anything to do with approved mods. Our rules here are more lenient than many other servers.
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