Rules Reminder: PvP/UHC and Illegal Mods

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  1. EMC/UHC doesn't have a public report system so how would you know if someone was reported?You know that very clearly based on the multiple pm's I have going with you. Why the sudden change of side?

    'Off to go grief someone' and 'I stole 3 blocks of diamond and a mineral mincer from a chest' are different, but honestly neither of them should be joked about. The staff member logged on to say that because they DID get flooded with reports.

    It's not controversial. It's a closed case that the majority of the players are sick and tired of hearing about. I'm going to go get ready for my friend's wedding now and focus on the positives in life because sometimes it really does stink to be the big bad dragon in the situation, but someone has to be in order to keep everyone playing by the rules.
  2. Seriously guys, just be positive. What will some of the newer players think if they come here to just see fighting. Try thinking about everyone instead of just yourselves.
  3. too bad people need to be reminded of this...
  4. WOW! just reading one page and another showed up behind it. Something that came to mind as I tried to muddle through this thread is... everyone is wanting attention to this thread and the situation. The staff are trying to oblige us by posting to this thread on the forum to respond. A thought came to my mind, if one or more staff member is spending their EMC time on this thread... How much time will they have out of their real life to go in game where we might need some assistance.

    We dont want to burn out our staff on the forum so they cant cruz the smp's for problems out there.

    Like the attack that occurred on smp1 recently. I have personal knowledge of this because two individuals were on my res trying to steal my stuff. This person was misrepresenting products for sale (sticks for tens of thousands of rupees ect.) Trying to get players to let him "hold" an "object" like a promo or something to "see" it so he could steal it.

    Anyway, I reported it to Carolmoss, about the 2 guys and then Jack shows up to save the day. Battle ensued as the villain began to spew forth obscenities and claims that he can never be stopped. As fast as Jack banned him this vile creature returned to taunt him. Jack rose to the challenge hurling scarlet beams of pure ban power that vaporized that scurge at every turn. EMC's nemesis proclaimed that he shall never be truly defeated , that these were only mere alt's, lacky's that do his bidding. He shall never be found and he will destroy EMC!

    (ok, I made up the last part about destroying EMC, but i got caught up in the story. The rest is true.)

    Anyway, I forgot what I was going to say... but I think it was that we dot want to take up too much time of the staff in the forum in open back and forthing. Thats all.

    Game on
  5. Yep, went that far.
    I can say that because I was banned for using mods, there was no doubt. Heck I am using a alt right now to get on EMC. Which Krysyy said I could,
    I believe that the biggest downfall was when Krysyy said herself, "Please leave you are not welcome," Not to me physically but to PenguinDj and Dr_Chocolate. Yes I believe it is bias against them and that isn't cool.

    This whole thread is stupid because it refers to Cadenman2002, PenguinDj, and I only. You don't need to make a whole thread saying that, "Hey watch the rules." This should've been a post on all of the pvp events.
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  6. And here's where we see the key difference. You didn't lie. You didn't try to accuse the staff of making things up in order to get you banned. You admitted that you were in the wrong and so you were allowed to return on a alternate account with the agreement that you would not cheat again. Had penguin done the same, we wouldn't have even had this conversation and he would have been extended the same offer. Furthermore I never told Dr chocolate to leave. I understand he's upset that his friend has been banned. And while he's been borderline of breaking the rules and in the past might have been site banned by now, he hasn't himself broken the illegal mods rule.
  7. This was an interesting 30 minutes reading all 15 pages(Yes I am a slow reader)
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  8. But the difference is Penguin didn't cheat. The evidence was fake. Video explaining the evidence will be shown to you on Monday. Stay tuned ;)
  9. If his evidence was fake, that's fine. But ours isn't.
  10. Basically emc is using the same legal theory as in real life: Anything you say in front of staff can and will be used against you in the court of emc.
  11. The real lesson here is, record yourself when you are playing emc/uhc. It can stop all the fights if you have evidence like that protecting you.
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  12. If we play this court game, the defendant has to be proved guilty beyond reasonable doubt of his crime. If there is any doubt the defendant is ruled innocent.

    The court is irrelevant in a block game. Let's just all move on. Nothing's gonna change.
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  13. I have a question about the rule

    I have amited using x-ray mod BUT what implies to my alt accounts residences/items after being unbanned? I kept hearing this purge word being tosses around so that will imply for all my alts? What does this purge do because I have a feeling after appealing in October either my accounts will be purged or I will be banned for another 6 months.
  14. I think the lesson would actually be DON'T use illegal mods in the first place.
  15. But do both, just to be safe as it will protect you from most anything.
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  16. A purge wipes out your player data. This includes vault, residences, rupees, tokens, inventories, vote bonus, etc. You start over as a new player would as it is your way of starting fresh. Clean slate.

    Oh and you get a second chance book telling you not to break the rules again.
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  17. Which he was found guilty on. Seriously how many times need I repeat myself?
  18. pls
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  19. I fell asleep on page two lol, 15 pages later were on thr same case. Cheer up guys, you literally can't prove staff wrong.. It doesn't matter if they're right or in face wrong ;) (actually that depends because you can quite easily prove chin breaks a lot of things) but anywho. Hack and get banned or hack and don't get caught ;) your choice

    Edit: Oh or just don't hack, don't forget that choice.
  20. GoldFish. Got any kings?