[RolePlay] Dynastian Splinters

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  1. Story: There was once a great kingdom known simply as "Dynastia". Thanks to corruption that eventually spread through the government, Dynastia eventually broke up into three major warring factions. These factions were the Revolutionaries (Opposed to a grand rule, believing people should rule themselves), the Aravians (Wanted to return to a pre-Dynastia type rule) and the Marations (These people wanted to form there own rule and leave the Aravians and Revolutionaries to there own devices). The Revolutionaries focus on gunpowder technology, the Aravians magic technology, and Marations organic/mechanical technology.

    1. My word is law, and so are the mod's.
    2. There will be absolutely no metagaming, godmodding, etc. allowed.
    3. Travel takes time.
    4. I prefer clean and intelligent language.
    5. Add " Quoth the Raven, 'Nevermore.' " to the "Other" part of your App so I know you read the rules.
    6. You must wait to be accepted by me or one of the mods before you start Rp'ing.
    7. All OOC comments must be in double parenthesis please!
    8. If a player is inactive for over two weeks without prior arrangement, his or her character is permanently removed from play.
    9. Keep weapons and supplies reasonable

    Cities (More will be added as story progresses):

    Size: bustling metropolis
    Walls: stone, with always-open gates
    Layout: quarters separated by main roads

    Attractions: race tracks, exceptional sanitation and art galleries
    Famous For: rangers, scholars and fashion
    Nearest Tavern: just beyond the entrance

    Guards: easily bribed
    Locals: hostile
    Crime: average
    Economic Base: trading
    Main Trade Goods: fruits
    Economy: strong but declining

    Government: one elected offical
    Major Influence: scandals
    Corruption: average

    Religious Influence: average
    Affiliation: Aravians
    Streets: full of pigeons
    Buildings: are often two stories high


    Size: small
    Walls: none
    Layout: built around two main roads

    Attractions: gardens and beautiful ancient architecture
    Famous For: art and wizards' schools
    Nearest Tavern: just beyond the entrance

    Guards: terrifying
    Locals: friendly
    Crime: very high
    Economic Base: hunting/trapping
    Main Pelt: deer
    Economy: below average and declining

    Government: one official elected from among nobles
    Major Influence: guilds
    Corruption: high
    Affiliation: Reveloutionaries
    Religious Influence: somewhat weak

    Streets: poorly labeled
    Buildings: are often two stories high


    Size: very large
    Walls: wooden, with weak gates
    Layout: quarters separated by main roads

    Attractions: exceptional sanitation, a naturally beautiful landscape and lavish temples
    Famous For: fashion and druids
    Nearest Tavern: a block from the entrance

    Guards: a bit lonely
    Locals: friendly
    Crime: little
    Economic Base: crafting
    Main Craft: pottery
    Economy: somewhat weak but growing

    Government: officials elected by nobles
    Major Influence: trade
    Corruption: very low
    Affiliation: Marations
    Religious Influence: average

    Streets: have very odd names
    Buildings: have large windows



    Character's Name:

    Character's Age:
    Affiliation (Neutral is Accepted but only if you PM me to ask and give a reason):
    Companion (Optional):
    Starting City:

    Primary Weapon (Please do this relevant to your affiliation):

    Secondary Weapon:
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  2. Character's Name: John Uskglass

    Character's Age: 28
    Affiliation (Neutral is Accepted but only if you PM me to ask and give a reason): Aravian
    Companion (Optional): Hawk
    Starting City: Drogobak

    Primary Weapon (Please do this relevant to your affiliation): Two enchanted pistols. Magical abilities allow add elemental damage to bullets.

    Secondary Weapon: Katana.
    Supplies: A pretty good amount of silver coins, a few days worth of food, and 40 rounds of ammo (two 10 round clips per gun).
    Biography: John Uskglass lost his parents when he was young, but was taken in by an elderly gentleman who taught him the Aravian ways. The man died when John was 18, he has since been a petty thief in Drogobak.
    Other:" Quoth the Raven, 'Nevermore.' "

    I am very impressed by how much thought you put into this.
  3. I think that a wolf should be an acceptable companion.
  4. Accepted.
    I appreciate the thought although I'm only half done. Since I had to redo this I still have some more things I want to add but don't have time tonight.
    There's the Dog...
  5. Lee Dako

    Age 25
    No companion.

    Pocket watch spiders (PWS). They walk around and explode.

    Supplies: Couple days worth of food, a shoulder bag, 20 pieces of local currency, 50 PWS
    Background: Lee was raised to become a mechanic. His parents were killed in an explosion by the Revolutionaries when he was 11 leaving him scarred for life. He journeyed to Drogobak in search of work.
    Other: " Quoth the Raven, 'Nevermore.' "
  6. Accepted
    Let the RPing begin!!!
  7. Maurice Smith

    Age 31

    Serpent Wrists. Wristbands that magically summon 2 King Cobras that fight for him. Moderate Poison/Stun.

    Poisonous Scythe.
    Supplies: To him, 10 days of food. To others, a couple days.
    Background: He was trained to live on very little by the monks around the city of Dragobak, but he escaped when the Revolutionaries burned the monastery. He befriended two cobras and he loved tinkering around and made some gauntlets called Serpent Wrists for them to rest in but used them in combat when needed. He then resorted to a Hawk as his main companion but still used his gauntlets. He then decided that Kavel was a nice quiet city that fitted his needs perfectly.
    Other: "Quoth the Raven, Nevermore."
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  8. Please reread the rules
  9. Bump for more people.
  10. You can go ahead, I can't do anything really till you guys do.
  11. I go across town to meet with my buddy to plan a robbery.
  12. Edited. And what does OOC stand for?
  13. ((Out of character.))
  14. Accepted
    ((Give me some details!))
    However while planning your robbery your buddy mentions a Revolutionary he heard was in town. Quaven Jaxze
  15. In the end we decide to drop the robbery idea. My buddy, Jak Chelt, says that we should kidnap Quarven Jaxze and sell him to the Avarians. I set off to try to find information about the Revolutionary, while Jak goes to see if anyone else is willing to help.
  16. I sit in a local inn relaxing.
  17. Jak finds two more guys, Ravm Sol and Terran Des.
    Four men are in the corner, talking suspiciously.
  18. We all go out looking for information on Quarven Jaxze: where he is staying and how many guards he has. We will start by talking to people at underground bars and if that doesn't work we will start bribing guards.
  19. Character's Name: Dylan Dustin

    Character's Age:13
    Affiliation ( Marations
    Companion ( Dog
    Starting City: Drogobak
    Primary Weapon ( Bow and Arrow

    Secondary Weapon: Switch Blade
    Supplies: Food 100 Pieces of Currency
    Biography: Raised in the forest to hunt animals with a bow now a survivalist bounty hunter. Abandoned When 6 By Parents and Learned To Live By Himself
    Other: Quoth The Raven, Nevermore