Reset of non-Town worlds!

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    The community has spoken, and we will be doing a reset of the Wilderness, Nether, and End world on all servers EXCEPT smp7. Please remember Town will NOT be reset, your stuff is safe in Town.


    Starting now:
    • Vault is free to use anywhere on any server.
    • Eggification is free in the Wilderness.
    • Any locks destroyed will give a full refund (1,000 rupees).
    Thursday the 22nd at 12:00pm ET (18:00 GMT):
    • Each server will be reset one by one.
    • EVERYTHING in the non-Town worlds WILL BE DELETED.
    • Each server will be down for around one hour
    Monday the 26th at 12:00pm ET (18:00 GMT):
    • Vault, eggification, and lock refunds get returned to normal.
    • Why are you doing this?

    • If I am at [location] in the Wilderness where will be after the reset?

      You will be in the exact same location in the new world. This can be used as an advantage for people living in the Wilderness.
    • Can I have something saved and imported in the new Wilderness?

      No, we will not be doing anything like this.
    • Can I take advantage of the free vault even if I am not using it to move for the reset?

      Sure, this is a perk being given to the entire community, take advantage of it!
    • Will the things I am carrying be reset?

      No, the inventory you are holding will be safe!
    • Why is smp7 not being reset?

      It is new and already supports everything the reset is for.
    • If you live in the Wilderness pack everything you want up into your vault and destroy your locks. You can also load your character inventory up. Once the server is reset simply unpack.
    • If you have too much stuff in the Wilderness to fit into the vault and your inventory, consider claiming a residence on another server and switch back and forth using your vault to place things in chests.
  2. YES! Finaly! (Time to run out 10k blocks from the outpost)
  3. So on the 22nd it is finally happening! Yay :D

    Gonna make some use of the free vault to move stuff :)
  4. Wheeee :D
    Goodbye my cave spider :(
  5. YES, 1 week of relative safe mining :D
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  6. Is this only compatible for supporters ? Since non supports can only claim one res?
  7. SMP1 - large 'thing' in the nether - very long - if you own this tell me in private message - I will 'collect' this day before reset unless i hear from you..
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  8. Depends on if you have a res on the same server you are in the wild on :) But yes you can still only claim one res.
  9. I've a little question about our location once the wilderness is reset. You mentioned how we'd be in the same location when it does reset, so what happens if say you log out at sea level 1 (for example, you are in a boat on water) and the new location just happens to be inside a mountain? Will we automatically be placed at whatever height the new surface is, or heaven forbid, would we be stuck inside the mountain?
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  10. Does this mean that the reset will be the same seed? So, if I found a good spot in newly generated (since 1.2) terrain, it will be the same as when I found it?
  11. Great question, the game is smart enough to move you if the spot is now dangerous (such as inside a mountain).
  12. No every server will have a new random seed.
  13. Some supporters are making free chests available on Utopia town where all you would need to do is supply the wood to make the chest and the [ access bloodfangx ] sign. Check around to see if you can find them. I may do this myself if I have the time. Be careful, though, because if someone makes a chest for you, that someone will have access to your chest.
  14. Oh that's cool, I was hoping it would be new :D
  15. Will the "periodic reset area" actually be...periodically reset now?

    Also - If anyone needs chests on SMP1 or SMP6, let me know and I will set one up. I also have a free res slot I am not using if anyone needs something on another server.
  16. I'm happy to offer them on SMP7 if anyone needs, I'll be in the wilderness in utopia though for the next week :)
  17. Yes the periodic reset areas will actually be reset periodically now. I am not 100% sure on what the time period will be, I am thinking every two weeks as it still requires a few minutes of downtime.
  18. Great :) I can't wait to get out there to the wild :)
  19. I rarely use TNT, but I think due to the reset, I'm going to go make the area next to the Spawn look like it used to. I've grown so accustomed to rogue pits and deep holes, that I'll have to make it feel like home. HAHA
  20. I have residences on 4, 5, and 6. PM me here or while im on. I will be happy to set up chests for whoever needs them. I will be mainly on 7 but will come back to 4 and 5.
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