Community Discussion: Reset of Wilderness / Nether / End?

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Poll closed Mar 9, 2012.
Yes - Reset the non Town worlds WITH a weeks notice and special features during that time 399 vote(s) 89.5%
No - I want them all to stay the way they are now, do not reset 47 vote(s) 10.5%

  1. Before we even start this conversation, I want to please beg everyone that you keep your cool. We are going to figure this out as a community.

    Let's talk about doing world resets on each server. Town will NEVER be reset, this is just a discussion about Wilderness, Nether, the End. To kick off the discussion here is a pros and cons list of doing this:

    Pros (advantages to doing a reset)
    • Wilderness biome glitches - If you haven't experienced this it is basically you can't enter certain new areas when walking from old (like a force field). Blocks sometimes change when placed, etc. It has to do with chunk mismatches in converted worlds (prior to 1.2). They may clean some of these up but it will never be perfect.
    • Ability for periodic reset areas around spawns - Currently these areas only work on smp6, they do not work on smp1-5 and will not work until the worlds are reset. More info on what they are here:
    • Fresh new worlds to explore - Let's face it the Wilderness is more like a nuclear testing field on most servers.
    • Jungle biomes - Yes these will spawn in unexplored areas on old worlds, but not in any currently explored areas. This includes other world changes on the older servers like beaches.
    • Nether height mismatch - Because the Nethers were generated with the top bedrock at 128 and the new Minecraft height is 256, Nether portals will now often lead to above the bedrock in the Nether, you are stuck above it but can build. This is super annoying.

    Cons (disadvantages to resetting)
    • Living - People living in the Wilderness would have to rebuild. We recognize this is not a small con, we have many large communities in the Wilderness, some very far from spawn.
    • Locked chests - Many people have locked chests in the wild that they paid good money to lock.
    • People have to find End portals again
    • Some initial lag while new areas are explored and generated.

    If we decide as a community to reset, here is what I would propose to make swallowing it easier:
    • One week of countdowns, in-game messages, emails, every way we can think of to warn players.
    • Free vault access anywhere in any world (temporary until after reset).
    • Full refund for any locks destroyed for the week prior to the reset (instead of the current half).
    • Free eggification in Wilderness for the week.

    I know I said this before, but I also know I will have to say it again. Please don't turn this into an argument or battle. Let's discuss this as a community. I personally am for doing the reset. I know it will cause some heartache but in the end I think it will put us in the best possible place. However I am not here to make decisions, I am just here to do the communities bidding, what do you all think?
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  2. The time to decide has finally arrived...
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  3. Wouldnt the wilderness biome glitches be in cons?
  4. Hmm might be confusing, it is Pro reset,.
  5. Does this mean the Nether gets reset also?
  6. Yes, to set the bedrock at the correct height.
  7. I believe this will help us loads, also, sorry but, can you give us vault access at wilderness temporally?
    That would help loads to transfer stuff :)
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  8. This would include the nether yes
  9. Yes this would include one week of FREE vault access in Wilderness / Nether / End
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  10. Oh! I didn't see the header, But ya I think it would be great to reset.
  11. I say NO. dont reset, there is still PLENTY of un=explored areas that can generate a jungle or such. people just need to not be lazy and take 20 minutes to find it. GOSH
  12. I agree that if we were resetting just because of lazy people that can't leave spawn then it would be a horrible idea. My main reason for being for a reset is because of the really glitched converted worlds.
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  13. re re re re reseeet :D The glitched converted worlds are disgusting
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  14. So far as I can tell, just the Live Map is glitching, All around my area, is glitched in the live map, nothing wrong in the actual WORLD though.
  15. Free vault access anywhere in any world (temporary until after reset).
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  16. Yeah you are lucky :) I have had many complaints of the actual world being glitched, and I have verified it myself. It is usually where a partial jungle biome meets an already existing biome that would have been jungle had it been 1.2.
  17. It is with a heavy heart that I will pull the YES lever. I have a couple really cool grinders that I will be sad to lose. The one I just completed is a Blaze grinder for which I drank several gallons of fire resistance potion to keep the beasties from roasting me. I guess since I built them once, I can build them again. Of course, finding 3 cave spider spawners and 1 zombie spawner all within about 40 blocks (so I could set up in the middle and be within proximity of all of them) again may prove challenging.

    Anyway, despite my vote in the affirmative, I understand the arguments for both sides and will fully support whichever way the community goes.
  18. Ok, thanks
    I didn't get the point of "the whole world"
  19. Couldn't have said it better. I really struggled with this over the last few weeks. It was why I waited so long to make this post, I wanted to make sure I had tested everything and had all the facts.
  20. I think it would be a great idea.
    The wilderness IS blown apart.
    I call it The Minefield.
    Please reset,
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