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  1. Just like the title says, I am putting some serious thought into possibly quitting the Empire. Every day is just the same thing, there's nothing to work for anymore, I've gotten to the point of being so wealthy that there's nothing I can do anymore except farm more money. After a while, though, that gets tedious and boring.

    If I do decide to quit, I will be doing an event. The first 100 people to comment on my post will be entered into a random drawing, the winner will be given admin to my main residence. Approximately, my residence and all of its assets total to around 13 million rupees including promos, ores, gems, etc.

    Like I said, I'm considering quitting, but I haven't decided yet. I will keep you all up to date about this.
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  2. I do hope you decide to stay. It's always sad to see someone leaving the Empire, whether you know them or not. :)
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  3. Try a restart, but however you got your money this time, don't do that.

    So if you dominated the promo market, don't get back into it. If you mined quartz all the time, maybe do something else.
  4. Dont quit, take a break. I took an 8 month break from the empire and now I am having fun again.

    If you have to, take a break. At least we know you would be coming back!
  5. Shame your leaving. Good luck in your next adventure :) (If you do quit)
  6. I hope you don't leave. You were always really funny in Mumble.
  7. Good luck in your future.
  8. Take care, bud. We hope you stay. It's always sad to see someone leave. :(
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  9. Without even reading NetherSpecter's comment, I was about to say "It's always sad to see someone leave, even if you don't know them". Then I read that comment and realized I was basically just paraphrasing him. Anyway, I hope you stay. I don't exactly know you, but there are plenty of other people who would be more disappointed to see you leave. (Not saying I don't care, I'm saying there are people who know you more that would care more)
    [EDIT]: Also before reading Cadenman's comment. I was still typing this when he posted.
  10. Good Luck! what ever you decide that you think is the best for you will be; we will respect it.

    We will miss you if you decide to leave. I Hope you keep in contact with us if you leave.
  11. Have you tried building, it is an aspect that has kept me from getting iffy from Minecraft at certain ponts :p
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  12. noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

    ps: troll everybody by giving all your rupees to an inactive player
  13. Builds can keep you occupied on this server...
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  14. Museum now. Do it please. We need more museums. pls
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  15. U Wot M8

    Dont leave me :,[

    just build farms like me xD never gets old
  16. Sorry you are leaving mate!
  17. It'd be sad to see tou go, but I do understand where you're coming from.

    Whatever you decide, best of luck in your endeavors.
  18. I started over one time. It can help you kind of rethink your entire EMC "career."

    The best way to go would to be requesting to be perm banned and then unbanned. That will completely reset your account. Then, you can find another path to your riches.

    But I have to ask, what did you do to get all of that wealth though? :p
  19. I would recommend trying something new or fun to try and keep things interesting. Maybe play around at the events such as mob arena or the Friday Night Fun event I have linked in my signature.