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  1. Hello Community and mainly, supreme leader Aikar, I have some questions that I was wondering if you could answer. If you aren't Aikar feel free to wildly speculate and or ask questions to Aikar too.
    Anyway the questions:
    1. How many rupees are currently in the economy? (I belie you said this a while ago)
    2. How much did people spend at /shop collectively on 100k gear.
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  2. 1. Too many.
    2. Too many.

    Okay, I'm sorry. I really am! ;)
  3. It's all good, I said in the post wild speculation is allowed :p
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  4. I'm curious about this too :p
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  5. *watches, interested*
  6. (Assumes Aikar's pose)
    1. We'd have to manually add up everything is I believe what we said last time. 'Not it'
    2. We haven't removed it yet so that number is in flux. And also would take a lot of manual addition. 'Not it x 2'
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  7. Question for Aikar:
    1. What is the most vault pages 1 user has. (no needs to state the username)
    2. What is the most stable pages 1 user has. (no needs to state the username)
  8. I'm pretty sure 50 vault pages is max, personally I quit at 35. Try cleaning 35 vault pages that you haven't looked at for months, it kinda takes the fun out of buying more:)
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  9. I don't believe there is a max anymore, I don't think so at least.
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  10. total: 1,950,375,373
    total out of people who's played in past 90 days: 941,197,532
    the top 25 players hold (inc inactive): 250,221,066
    richest player has 28mil rupees
    spent on 100k value items at shop in past 30 days: 118,400,000
  11. I find that incredibly weird... 2.8 million isn't as much as I've seen in some players. :confused:
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  12. YAY! I got out of doing maths =P
    Tiny additions:
    -Keep in mind that the rupees are money in liquid form. A LOT more money than that is rolling around in items atm and a lot of people just drained their balances on 100k items.
    -100k items were also given with /promo so more than 11,840 at this moment exist.
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  13. You don't really know what they have... Anyone can fake a picture :p
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  14. Uh 2.8mil? I personally know people with much more :eek:
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  15. I've heard of some players with more than 50 for sure.
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  16. I've heard players having 120+. Is there a maximum vault page amount or no?
  17. Wasn't there a spawn res that went for 2.5 mil or something not too long ago? 2.8 seems really low. Maybe the 100 k members gear had something to do with that?
    Also, question for Aikar: what is the record for most texp earned in a month?
  18. A friend of mine has 30 million and proved it. I'm nearly totally positive that 2.8mill figure isn't right.
  19. Isn't that number just at this moment? They could have spent it all on 100k items. I'm sure the most a player has ever had is more than 2.8 mil
  20. I think Aikar meant 28 million rupees, not 2.8 million rupees. :rolleyes:
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