(QUESTION) What can u do with Tokens?

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  1. i have a question what can u do with tokens i have a good amount but idk what to do with them?
    please help.

    (sorry if this is not In the right area in the forums)
  2. Thanks know i know :D
  3. That page should tell you everything that you do need to know - just thought it was worth mentioning though (for future reference) that for questions like this, sometimes the Empire Wiki can be really useful! Type what you are looking for into the search bar on the Wiki (the Wiki tab is with all the other tabs at the top of the page) and you should hopefully find what you are looking for :)
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  4. Currently, tokens aren't used for anything. It is a feature that needs additions, like dragon stones.
  5. /res changebiome costs tokens.
  6. You can brag that you have more than everyone else :p
  7. Changing res biome, Avalauncer, Blizz Ard nose. :p
  8. :confused:
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  9. Uh Blizzard noses were a rare drop from killing Blizz Ard. There is no way to get one through tokens that I know of :confused:
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  10. Look on the WiKi....now it might be used for rupees but I like to use it for tokens :p
  11. Maybe you get tokens for eating it. Anyone care to try? :p
  12. All I find is:

  13. The token wiki..............
  14. The Token page says that Blizz Ard Noses were introduced in Holiday 2014, it doesn't say that they were available via Token payment. The Blizz Ard Nose was a Mob Drop only. :)
  15. Lol thanks guys :D
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  16. Tokens are common on other servers. Not that I play on other servers cause this is the best of all. But before I found this one I found that tokens could be used to purchase many different items from obby to armor. It added a fun element to the server. It would really add some fun on this one because you can get tokens from hunting enraged mobs. I wish we could do something here that would be fun with tokens like that. What do you think #Aikar?
  17. What are Tokens(top)

    Empire Tokens are a special currency earned on Empire Minecraft for when a player completes a challenge or task.

    Unlike Rupees, the currency used in the player ran economy, Tokens must be earned by a player and cannot be traded or gifted.

    Receiving Tokens from Custom Monsters(top)

    Players may earn Tokens by defeating Custom Mobs such as an Enraged Zombie, Momentus or Marlix.

    The number of tokens earned will scale based on the players personal difficulty level, but may be affected by other factors such as number of player deaths nearby (In other words, constantly dying will reduce tokens earned).

    Receiving tokens is subject to the same rules of "must be majority player damage" as other custom drops. Environmental damage will compromise the ability to earn tokens.

    Players who take down custom monsters in a group will receive a 10% bonus to Tokens earned.

    Tokens are distributed based on the amount of damage done to the monster. Even if you take a monster down to 50%, then sign off and another player defeats it, you will still receive half of the Tokens.

    Tokens can also be earned through group activities, such as mining. When in a group and completing activities, token rewards can be given out.

    Receiving tokens through voting(top)

    Tokens can be received for voting for EMC. 5 tokens are received for every vote. If you vote on Topg or Minecraftservers.org, you will recieve 10 tokens. There are also additional tokens for reaching certain bonus levels.

    What are they used for(top)

    Tokens can be used to pay for a biome chance on your Town residence. For 5,000 Tokens you can change the biome on any of your Residences on one of the SMP servers. A biome change on Utopia will cost you 10,000 Rupees. Use the /res changebiome command for this.

    Example: /res changebiome jungle - Changes your residence's biome to Jungle.

    There are many more features planned for the future, such as as Dragon Eggs, unique armor, and more. Tokens will also be the primary currency used to claim land for your Empire in the Frontier!

    Right now tokens cannot be used to obtain items. The 2014 holiday period saw a temporary promotion of EMC's Blizz Ard mob and the ability for 20,000 tokens to be manually traded in for the Avalauncher item. More information can be found here.

    Token Commands(top)

    /tlog - Shows a list of your last 5 token transactions.


    The Tokens update was released May 10, 2014.
    There is no date for the rewards release yet. Use wiki for future preference ;)
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  18. Just to clear this up a little: the Avalauncher could be purchased using tokens at the end of last year (and I think somewhere into January as well). I believe it was in the range of 18 - 20k but I honestly don't know from mind.

    I do recall this tidbit because I wanted one real bad (I was pretty new back then) and tried real hard to get more tokens. Not hard enough. It's what made winning an avalauncher at a later date all the more special to me.

    The Blizzards nose was just that: kill the blizz ard and hopefully it would drop its nose ;) There were no tokens involved with that.
  19. I remember getting one for 20k, you remember quite well.