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  1. Hi, I thought about this many times and now I'm doing it: an introductory thread. *claps*claps*claps* Ok so I don't know how to do these so I'm just going to do it similar to the staff biography thingy. But first a brief summary of my EMC history:
    I joined EMC August 2, 2012. I joined EMC because my school friends had joined. Almost all of them got banned so… :/ then we went to a factions server, but because i was terrible at pep i didn't like it so i kinda stayed here. Later i got banned for a reason that must remain secret(staff do know) as well, it is an unfixable exploit. This was around December 15, 2013. My appeal is kinda of hilarious and embarrassing, somewhat. Firstly, I want to clarify that i did not know the forums existed till I got banned, so obviously i posted the appeal on a public thread. Something I still remember is that people, in that time, they did give a solution to my problem, instead, today people just attack(not exactly attack, but just don't give a solution immediately) the banned player that that is not the right way. Anyway, It was Christmas and I literally spammed the staff that banned me all day. Later, well I accepted that I shouldn’t had spammed and he saw my appeal and he unbanned me. I am very happy that I got banned, in the sense that it introduced me to the forums, since them I’ve grown in maturity, in the matter of posting threads. Later I got a spawn residence somehow(which i didn't know they were important/worth something) so i got it and then after about 6 months I reset it and unclaimed it. I moved to a res near(not neighbouring) Ultipig, since i became a very good friend and cower of the mall. The rest is history

    What do you like to do IRL? I’m a student that is in ninth grade.
    Favorite animal and why: Varies. As my definite favorite would be the gecko. I fell identified with it for some reason, don't know why. Others that I like very much would be penguins, walruses, puffins, and narwhals.
    Favorite Website: emc.gs & google.com
    Favorite thing about EMC: The creativity of the community
    Favorite color and why: Green as in the gecko above
    Favorite Minecraft feature: Enchanting
    Favorite Minecraft block: I would say quartz and beacons.
    Favorite music: ninety9lives, approaching nirvana & some Riverdance(Broadway: example) music
    Pets? 2 dogs and 1 cat, also bees
    If you had to lose one sense, what would it be? None, I love all of them!
    Favorite cookie flavor: Chocolate Chip Cookie
    Favorite quote: “One man's trash is another man's treasure”
    If you could meet one person, who would it be? If he would be still alive,it would be Steve Jobs, but now would be Kazuo Hirai

    Why that username: because tuqueque means in some Spanish speaking countries gecko!
    Now anything else I have not answered feels free to ask!!!

    **Ill not answer personal information questions
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  3. Nice to hear that you have matured, I suppose I could welcome you but you've been here for a long time, so :rolleyes:

    Just a point in reference to appeals - most people do not "attack" people who "get it wrong" and post it publicly in a thread, they tell them that it is not the right way but they tend to also give people the appeal link or tell them to PM the moderator that banned them and that the moderator that banned them is visible in the message that you get when you try to join the server :)
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  4. Night grade?! I want to join. I am just kidding with you :) Might want to fix that spelling though. Glad to see you have changed and become a cooler person over time. I myself am thinking of doing an introductory thread in 18 days... I will think on it.
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  5. I totally thought you were UltiPig :p

    Who are Ultimaxx and Ultimamaxx?
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  6. Someone from arkansas ,apparently, who plays EMC and has 4 MC accounts
  7. Welcome to Empire Minecraft!

    I remember your drop parties back in 2012 and how you thought I was annoying because I messed with you so much. :rolleyes:
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  8. Hi tuqueque. Nice intro thread. I would say welcome, but you've been here almost twice as long as me. :)
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  9. Well, Hello and, I'm a older emc-member I beleve, so I can say: Welcome to the Empire Minecraft :p
    Annyways, I think I should do one of thease to...
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  10. Welcome to EMC! What server are you on? Smp8 is the best!

    Jokes aside nice introduction thread. :)
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  11. Hi tuqueque.
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