[Suggestion]Protected Block Identifier

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  1. I would like to suggest for a way to know if a block "belongs"(is protected) by me(the only current way to check if its protected is through another user, which i dont have...

    What am I suggesting? similar the way the potato is used in factions to check the health of the obsidian. Im suggesting a way to check who is the owner of the block without actually breaking it...

    • Maybe if you right click a carrot to a block, it will check for that block's ownership
    PS: Don't know if I made myseld understandable, but feel free to ask question
    Discalimer: if this already exist, im sorry for not finding it

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  3. Staff have a command. I'll talk with aikar about modifying said command for use by players. The reason it wasn't implemented was due to a magic stick issue since you select positions, etc like world edit.
  4. im surprised that this actually took less than one bump to get staff-noticed! lol!
    nice! hope aikar can fix "magic stick thingy" for regular players! thanks
  5. Is what you call good timing. Ithe was on the top of recent threads when I loaded up my screen.

    As for the stick issue, we always intended for players to have the command. We didn't want to delay release in order to fix the issue, which as you can tell, wasn't an immediate fix. Once we do have it fixed, it should be available to some degree.