PVP becoming a Fish Dock?

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  1. Everyone in pvp is now FISHING! And Getting mad over Getting Killed! They are a viruis This must Stop!!! Recuits Fishing Police and SMP4 plot 8813! We must Help PVP become PVP again!
  2. lol nobody is gonna care XD
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  3. >_> There is no benefit to fishing there lol.
  4. That's awesome xD Too bad I have to eat and can't come on.
  5. omg people are getting enchanted fish everyone should go fish there with no armor on......
  6. Well because your one of them
  7. I Know Right
  8. The rod doesn't take durability :p
  9. Oh... then slay them all!

    * Goes to enable the random mob spawning code Pirate wrote*

    There is a voters fishing rod for a reason :)
  10. Lol they get so upset. XD
  11. time to go get a fishing rod with luck of the sea III and go fishing at pv- I mean my residence
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  12. Holy mackerel! (or was it"Holy Shrimp! This Scampi Happening!")
    Maybe they are making a small scale business fishing!
    You know what I call players fishing in the PVP arena? Easy prey! <---
    They won't be getting off the hook that easy!
  13. *puts amor and a sword in vault*
    hehe, you no longer fish in PvP =P
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  14. I guess not -- its ofishial, that Lukas3226 is going to go krilling at pvp!

    Go for it while the opportunaty is still there ;) Don't leave it to salmon else!

    OK, I will dolphinitely cut back on the puns! :D
  15. :/ Wow. My brain hurts from all those awful puns... Jk jk :)
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  16. That is so sealy high >_> Your puns are giving me a haddock :p
  17. Guys, there's a time and a plaice for such puns.
  18. Hmm lookl like team fishing fights back :D
    they got some amor and want to fight for their fishingplace
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  19. Don't put up with that kind of carp!
    I bet they are just fishing there for the halibut!
    Wonder how long until they become crabby boat this whole situation!