Prayers Needed For Paris

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  1. Friday, November 13, 2015 in Paris, France there have been 60 confirmed deaths from terrorists in a concert hall while France faced Germany in an international friendly. Five explosions have also been confirmed along the concert hall as the hostages are being executed 1 by 1, begging relatives to get police to raid the concert hall. At Gate J of the stadium, French Football Federation president Noel Le Graet has said at least three were killed and other injured as fans evacuated their seats in the stands and took refuge on the pitch. This needs to be known here and everywhere, and that's why I'm posting this thread. Its a very sad day in Paris, France. Priez Pour la France.

    Confirmed Dead: 159
    ISIS Claims responsibility
  2. Prayers sent.
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  3. +1 prayer
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  4. Good thoughts and prayers going out to France <3
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  6. That is highly likely, but you don't plan this in a couple of days, this was probably planned 2 or 3 weeks ago.
  7. My thoughts are out to those involved and the families.
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  8. #prayforparis
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  9. Unfortunately, the death toll has risen to over 150. My heart goes out to all the loved ones of those who perished.
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  10. I was thinking this exact same thing. It can't be a coincidence that the US 'working together with the UK' killed one of their most prized members (which gives them a reason to do this, which is what they want, which is why I'm against military intervention against them) the same day they've organised this attack.

    Scary stuff. Especially how if it is them, they're close to what they have said is their main target once they're done with Syria (where they are losing ground incredibly quickly): the UK, and then the rest of Europe. Any occupation by them would be destroyed very quickly, I'm sure, but innocent blood would be spilled first :l

    I do somewhat doubt it's ISIS though.

    Jaysus... ._.

    Also media coverage like this is what they want. Thanks for giving it to them, my dearest media outlets :)
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  11. Maybe back when military technology wasn't as advanced, but now a days this could of been planned in 24 hours.
  12. Not something on this scale. This could easily have been months in planning.
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    1 World Trade Center has displayed the colors of the French Flag on the spire.

    (Photo is my own.)
  14. Not really.

    The most likely thing ISIS would do is: send people in by abusing the refugee crisis, get them asylum, and then smuggle weapons and bombs into Paris for them, and it would still take a good few weeks to set that all up.
  15. it could be in retaliation to the charlie hebdo magazine that published an "allah" cartoon the other week...
    still this is terrible news, and my thoughts are going out to the people and their familes involved <3
  16. It's likely they already had agents in France.
  17. #PrayForParis
    This is heartbreaking news. :(
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  18. They don't even need those, though.

    Just get a few Islamic people to get offended by big-name racists, like Donald Trump, David Cameron, and people like Jeb Bush to get the Islam-hate train going in the media, and get in contact with them. It's really not that hard to do.

    And give them a 'target', like the US carrying on with illegal air-strikes and killing one of their most prized members, and you have that terrorist attack set up.
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  19. I'm honestly sick of ISIS. They are not proper muslims. They disobey the basic rules of the Quran. I am very frustrated that they use my religion or anything to justify their terrible doings.
    I'm sick to my stomach. My prayers to everyone affected.

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  20. Though we have our differences, this is were we agree together. ISIS are** false prophets.
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