PRA Reset Alert!

Discussion in 'Empire News' started by Maxarias, May 7, 2013.

  1. Remember, the PRA is the yellow square on the livemap. These places are never safe to build in, as they can be reset at any time!
  2. Great! This means a lot of the griefed lands will be reset! I keep falling into holes, and it drives me crazy! Thanks! :D
  3. This includes the yellow squares around the four wilderness outposts on each server besides the main spawn, correct?
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  4. Yes, that is the PRA
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  5. awesome! completely awesome! - now.. everyone! leave it alone! don't touch it! keep it nice looking!

    if you want things... wait for the wastelands to come out!
  6. I'll give it 24 hours, it's sad, but it's true :(
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  7. *Wild is cleared, yay! Waits a day....
  8. I sense this is partly related to a recent forum post........
    Shows how much our staff care about the server :D !
    Thanks Guys! You're awesome!

    Now to see how long it takes before it goes back to what it looked like before.....
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  9. All my hard work on smp2 spawn area is for naught.

    Not that I mind. Reset will be nice.
  10. mmm fresh wilderness :) petty i cant go roll in it yet :(
  11. Dibs on 5 minutes in the pool.
  12. I take 7, they have to set the tnt up first...
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  13. I know some people have spent a lot of time building in the reset area, you might want to make it a 48 warning just in case.
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  14. it is sad, isn't it :( we can only hope this wastelands place will stop the brutal taking of things from the wilds.
    :D woooooot!
    that isn't the admins/mods fault, they've been warned they shouldn't build there..

    i sound like a earth health obsessed tree hugger.... :confused:
  15. I plan on tearing up this area :)
  16. If we don't hug the trees, who will?