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  1. hi im faded and i like memes. i know i have fellow me mes enthusiasts so i figured i would create a thread to share some me mes

    plz no dank ones here, send in PM to me instead

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  2. I'm sure we can all relate to some extent, yeah?

    Some of this is especially true for me, since I am a miner after all. ;)
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  3. Please remember to review anything you want to post for inappropriate language or material. Let's keep it safe for all ages.

    Thanks :)
  4. I liked all of those, but the last one is the only one that made me laugh out loud.
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  5. here are some sick me mes in light of me currently being sick

  6. I thought that was one of the memes.
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  7. lol
  8. Notch's original creation done right~ ^^
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    Made with Memeatic. _________ iFunny :)
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