[POLL] What upcoming feature do you desire more?

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Which Feature Priority should we go with?

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Dragon Tombs [3], Empires, Land Claiming 194 vote(s) 33.2%
Empires, Dragon Tombs [3], Land Claiming 41 vote(s) 7.0%
Empires, Land Claiming, Dragon Tombs [3] 350 vote(s) 59.8%
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  1. Since true distance will become less relevant once we can teleport, maybe distance from the nearest Outpost could be used to calculate delivery time?

    I like the idea since so many of our promos are useful outside of Town. I also sometimes go way out in the Frontier to do projects then realize I have forgotten something. In that case, planning ahead or developing a secondary project around that need has always been part of the "fun" for me. With teleporting, it doesn't seem like the mail restrictions need to be so strict since it will be easier to just go back if I need something.
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  2. I personally, have over 100 dcs each of bones, gunpowder, arrows, and slimeballs, less than 5 minutes from vault access in the frontier. I can assure you, travel time has nothing to do with why i dont flood the market. Its simple economics: flood the market, and your profit margin decreases. If i decided to auction a dc of gunpowder every day, prices would go down. Why on earth would anyone with any sense at all do something like that? They wouldn't, its that simple.
    Take a look at when railroads and highways first cut through the American landscape. As i recall, the access to more goods and services boosted the economy, it didnt slow it down.

    But if it's final, then it's final, I guess.
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  3. I didn't mean to mention the economy in my post at all and didn't realize I did. By "economy" I really meant town, to be distribute further - not necessarily though the economy, but that is still likely to happen.

    I disagree with wild teleportation in any form, even to established outposts, and economic concern is not why. It doesn't feel right, being able to teleport hundreds of thousands of blocks instantly. But then again: just an opinion.
  4. I think that Dragon tombs shouldn't come first but also not last ;) It's nice to see that we can vote :) Good luck everybody. :cool:
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  5. I have a question about how the teleportation would be implemented. If the Empire belongs to me and my friends, will the general public be able to teleport to and from it? Will the owner of the outpost have any control(tp flag) of who can use it, or have vault access while in the outpost? Maybe that hasnt been decided yet, but it seemed to be a relevant question. Im not sure it would matter much, but i would hate to find out in hind sight that a griefer used my outpost to grief a neighbor.
  6. I think many people here that are for teleporting don't see the economic impact that I'm referring to. Here's an example:
    A player builds and operates a mob spawner (be it iron golem, witch or regular mobs). The safest place to build it at the time is 10k from closest frontier gate. Now let's say this player wants to move 5 DC of bones back to town. If they do it by "hand" and run it back to town (or rails, whatever), they are likely to sell it at a decent price due to the time and effort in moving the product. Now if they can just TP everything in 5 minutes, this same player is now more likely to just dump all the product into a shop, regardless of price (relatively speaking) and thus promote and perpetuate a downward spiral in prices.

    To the person who mentioned that 100 DC of items by rail would only be twice as long as that same amount by teleport:
    Impossible! No way would it take that long to TP the items versus loading a train, rolling thousands and thousands of blocks in distance, then unloading everything and bringing it into town....no way.

    Now the only reason I stick by my words here is because I've seen it happen first hand on another server. The gamelay and economic mechanics are the same as this server, but the end result is what I'm describing.

    Are we ready to open Pandora's Box?
  7. Absolutely 3) for me. As a player who's been raided in the Frontier multiple times, without the possibility of having items/blocks replaced, this has my priority.

    It sounds much like a Towny concept, in that first paragraph description of the Empire/Land Claiming set-up, and I absolutely LOVE the idea of being able to teleport from my Empire to Town and back !!!

    Continue to keep up the fabulous work Empire Staff !!! Who knew, some 3+yrs ago, that my first MP server choice to play EVER would be such a Gem !!
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  8. So in short....

    Land Claims - Yes!

    Wild Shops - Yes!

    Teleporting - No!
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  9. Pandoras box? Really? So maybe a dc of bones dropped from the whopping 2 k it is now down to 1 k. Maybe gunpowder would take a hit as well, but other than these 2 items, not much would be effected. Most mass farmable items are priced by usage, but maybe shop owners out rhere are thinking about travel time from the frontier when they make their shop signs, but i doubt it, and i certainly wouldnt call teleporting items Pandora's box.
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  10. I don't think order matters much. This conversation has been going on for 3-4 years, and I think I can confidently say that the EMC community would be thrilled to see any progress on either one of these features (regardless of what the poll shows). If the poll included "Any/All of the above," I would expect to see it winning. If there were a hundred other features on the poll, I think these 3 would still be at the top.
    If this poll is slowing down progress in any way, I think we can all agree that we just want Dragon Tombs and Land Claiming as soon as we can, without waiting to see which one wins the poll, for the games server, new promos, or anything else. That is, as long as Land Claiming and Dragon Tombs are priorities #1 and #2, I think that is all that matters to most of us.

    I guess the gist of it is this: Whatever wins the poll, when can we expect to see it implemented? When can we expect to see the "losing" feature implemented?

    Now to completely contradict myself by picking a point on the poll:
    Won't Vanilla Minecraft 1.9 pretty much be Dragon Tombs without the wasteland portals? If the End/Enderdragon are going to undergo significant alterations in 1.9, wouldn't it make sense to code DT then, when much of the progress will be done by Mojangcrosoft? If I understand correctly, 1.9 makes the dragon respawnable by any player without the command, and it will have improved combat.
    It seems like EMC "just" needs to sub-in Dragon Stones for whatever trigger Mojang selects (not knowing Java, I don't know if that is one line of code or 1,000) and a decorated End dimension reserved just for Dragon Tombs.
    On the other hand, "Empires" adds a feature that is otherwise only available through plugins and mods, and it seems like most players in the wild have felt the need for grief protection.
    Thanks for asking.
  11. I prefer the land claiming part more. Allow the owners to grand permissions simmilar to those seen in town.. Such as allowing others acess to a farm but not to destroy structures. Or to control whether mobs spawn. I think there would be a lot more interaction in the wild if land claiming became a thing.

    One other thing about roads, could there be special protections on roads, or could someone claim a long skinny stretch of wild to build and protect roads?
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  12. I really don't see a problem with the concept of teleporting from town/outposts to a persons Empire, were it to be implemented. I understand, fully, your stance on the matter; I just don't agree that it will happen to that extent. As was already stated earlier in the thread, it'd make far more sense to trickle the gathered resources into the market, rather than rushing them all in. Essentially, when one controls the demand, one controls the price point (real life example: diamond market). I'd like to think that anyone with the drive to create such mob farms, has the sense to not flood the market like that.
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  13. Sure, Teleporting will make things more 'convenient' for farm users. But it still doesn't change much.

    People who build those farms do it to collect the items to sell. they've been selling those items before.... They'll still be selling them after teleporting.

    The only way teleporting would even effect the economy is if even with all the farming.... demand was higher than supply.

    I'm sorry, you'll never convince me that in todays market, theres a shortage of gold, iron or other items.

    There's ALWAYS more supply than demand. Improving the efficiency of those farmers teleporting their goods is seriously not going to change anything.
    Sellers will keep their prices the same, and just sell as fast as they can. If they wanted to unload fast and damage the economy, they can already do that today!

    Now, the only impact it might have is that more players might start a farm, increasing supply through more suppliers who might change prices based on too much competition.
    If that happens, so be it. I've said it before, and I'll say it again. Farming is not going to dictate how we do features.

    I've stated many reasons on why teleporting is going to happen. Those outweigh any 'risk of more players starting a farm'.

    The pure concept of land claiming brings that EXACT same risk! Even if we didn't have teleporting, more people still will open up farms for the simple fact they don't have to worry about griefing.

    And if they don't have teleporting, they will simply create them close as possible to spawn within the rules.

    So in summary, Teleporting does not change anything!!
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  14. Yes there will be flags to control who can teleport to your Empire.
    Are you saying you only use the Center outpost and never the NWSE?

    Those are allowing you to teleport to 10k out in the Frontier... And we will also be adding even more outpost to the Frontier at 1 or 10 million out (can't remember what krysyy and I agreed on).

    Are you never going to use those?
    We have official outposts, we're adding more, and Empires will simply be personal outposts.

    The goal is to simply distribute players in the Frontier, and not pile everyone into 1 same area fighting for land.
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  15. Yes I agree with you Aikar it is better to spread players and have teleporting and be able to get all the items to town at once (most likely if you have precious stuff that you don't want stolen) besides do we really want to ban people from the server? I hate it when people grief me especially when i have a lot of iron blocks in chests. I think we also need to get rid of the lock signs on chests and have perms of who can enter the chests, it would be better as than we wouldn't need to waste room with the lock signs. Also griever's gonna grief. No matter what people will still try to grief perhaps by hacking or trying to get friendly with the person who they want to grief so it's always going to be more secure to have the teleporting and making it easier to make everything grief free as much as we can.
  16. There seems to be a misunderstanding about "damaging" the economy.

    The economy would be damaged if the people would not be able to trade in a cheap and convenient way.
    For example, damaging or reducing the functionality of the currency (rupees) would damage the economy - for example if the buying power of rupees would drop too fast they would lose the function of holding the value- this would damage the economy.

    Producing more goods, increasing the supply, which then naturally changes the prices and possibly causes deflation does NOT damage the economy.

    Any and all arguments about how distinct changes / features will or could make production and/or transport of distinct goods cheaper - and therefore cause drop in prices in the town - and therefore "damage the economy" - are actually meaningless.

    What matters is if the new changes and features are well balanced in terms of versatile, "natural" and enjoyable gameplay, if they can open new possibilities and attract both old and new players.

    What matters is if the changes create new challenges. A challenging game is an interesting game. Making the game easy makes it boring.

    Regarding the economy, it is important not to artificially disturb the natural relation between effort and value.
  17. This is almost true from the economy point of view. Some prices will change as the transport will require much less effort. But this is not important.

    Teleporting will change how we see and use Frontier.
    The details of who will be able to teleport where will greatly influence the gameplay.

    Both the ability to teleport to the town and back and the necessity to do so (shops, wastelands) would greatly influence how "empires" will work and how they will be perceived by the players.

    My suggestion is to remove the necessity to go to "the town":
    - Access to Wastelands from the outposts
    - Shops in the Frontier

    Benefits: much more enjoyable frontier settlements, more possibilities, more fun.

    I also think that it is very desirable to allow for personal claimed land within the frontier "empires" - so people can have their "homes" in the frontier settlements protected.

    Benefit: running a frontier "empire" with more than just 3-4 people will be possible, as one would not need to trust all of the members 100% of the time.
  18. I was wondering if we could expand the residences. I wish to get a diamond supporter voucher although I wanna make sure I can have all 4 residences next to eachother. I hope its possible to make more residences for new members as well
  19. Sent you a message. That's not the upcoming feature he was referring to please read the OP :-p
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