(poll) Should we work on land claiming and 1.9.4 bug fixes before tryign to roll out 1.10?

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well should we?

yes 28 vote(s) 80.0%
no 5 vote(s) 14.3%
other: leave a comment in response 3 vote(s) 8.6%
potato 13 vote(s) 37.1%
Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. the title says it all. leave feedback below
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  2. land claiming in full is a far stretch, but i am planning anti grief before 1.10

    unless 1.10 is super simple.
  3. UGGGH i wrote the wrong thing....i meant anti-grief
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  4. 1.10 should be super simple. Just some new mobs, a few blocks, and some changes on Skeletons shooting arrows. Skeletons shoot flaming arrows if on fire (depending on regional difficulty) and they fire whichever is in their left hand.

    Try to utilize this?
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  5. Yes, do this first.
    Theres not much to 1.10, except new mobs and blocks.
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  6. Well then... I was all ready to cross my arms in complete disgust :D
  7. I think 1.10 should go first. IIUC, Mojang wants to keep the fast-paced updates (at least until 1.14), so the quicker we update, the more time we have to fix 1.10 bugs before 1.11 comes out, and we can work on anti-grief simultaneously.
  8. imma hoping for 1.10 b/c it also fixes lots of bugs. and i want a polar bear cub on my res! ^.^
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  10. *cough*1.8 and 1.9 updates*cough*

    In all seriousness though, I can wait for EMC to update to 1.10. Core EMC updates are more important to me than getting it streamlined to the newest version of Minecraft, and I wanna enjoy 1.9 a bit more anyway.
    I mean, I'm fine with whatever outcome you go with, but I'm pretty sure a lot of people are leaning more towards the Anti-Griefing side of things, especially since all the noobs and rulebreakers are coming out of the woodwork this Summer, as always~
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  11. Or we can have protection for all these new blocks before we place them :p
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  12. In the past Aikar has put it pretty simply, if we aren't on the latest update of minecraft, its much harder to get new players.

    That said, 1.10 over major updates but I thought they already had a bit of work done on some anti-griefing mechanics so why not? I said yes to the anti-griefing because I want that but that doesn't always mean it is what is best for the server. New players for some reason keep old players from moaning about activity levels on emc, which I have only once see drop noticeably in the over a year I have been here, winter holiday.

    Anywho, more new players is a good thing and regardless of how annoying the griefing thing is, the players are what keeps the server running. Mojang is speeding up the process then we just have to keep pace. 1.10 clients CAN connect to Empire right now though so thats a huge difference than when we were 1.8.

    All in all there really isn't a straight answer I nor the staff of EMC can really give on this. anti-griefing and 1.10 are both important, even if we just now got 1.9. That's EMC, not minecraft in general. The 1.10 is completely different than revamping a whole world too(which I heard EMC had to revamp a FEW worlds for 1.9 lol)
  13. all the potatoes
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    and, yes, Tom and I are waiting for land claiming to so "something secret" at the moment. and, I actually don't care about 1.10...
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  15. Anti-grief, please.
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  16. Actually, we're waiting for the extra spawns ;)
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  17. Oh yes so much.
  18. If it's a matter of choice I'd rather we got Empires, Anti-griefing, or even the new frontier spawns first but EMC needs to stay up to date to keep a steady stream of new members and with so little real new content in the update hopefully *knocks on wood* this should not take long.