Pokemon Trading Thread

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  1. So for a while now I thought we should have an EMC pokemon trading thread.
    This is for any game where you can trade pokemon without meeting IRL (X and Y, Alpha Sapphire, and Omega Ruby)
    Not everyone is comfortable with trading with everyone, but I am, so I will post my friendcodes. This is not necessary for everyone who wants to trade.

    What you need to do: Post if you are willing to trade and if you are willing to trade Legendaries and rare pokemon that are unable to be bred, as well as which version of the game you have. If you are willing to give out your Friend Code in Private Message, please list that as well, or your friend code can be listed in this thread as well.
    Handy Form to fill out:
    Seffy's games and codes:
    X - Name of Seffy
    Sapphire - Name of Sarah
    Ruby - Name Of Seffy
    Friend Code: 5000 2761 5595 Seffy

    Pokemon that I would like: Your favorite Breed of Pokemon, Level one, Caught or bred by you.
    I am Unwilling to trade Legendarily or Shiny Pokemon.
    I am also willing to catch pokemon in the following games and transfer them forward:
    Pearl, Soulsilver, White, and Black Two
  2. Darn. I will have to pull out Ruby. Totally forgot I had it and first.
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  3. If I can get my 3DS charger, yes, I will do this .-.
  4. Hey, can this be an EMC thing too? Like, coloured name and lore, depending on if it's a good Pokemon or not.
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  5. Welp, time to Bust out a Trapinch and a Joltik :D
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  6. Nope. This is for the actual game. What where you catch them and it is owned by Nintendo.
    This is not a Pixelmon server.
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  7. Is this in preparation for Pokemon Go?
  8. This is to trade pokemon and enjoy pokemon and be a fan of pokemon.
  9. Why??? Why???? I would love to trade... but but... But Nintendo stopped selling stuff in Brazil .·´¯`(>▂<)´¯`·.
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  10. I've got X but haven't pulled it out in like 6 months. I may do this soon though ;)
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  11. Just in case you guys were confused: this is not for the card game, either online or offline.
  12. Man! That sucks! I would trade with you SO HARD!
  13. Wouldn't amazon still work? c;
  14. Some regions and countries aren't supported. They would need to buy not only a game but also the console from another area.
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  15. Well, we could catch them by egging a special spawn mob or something, and you are not making money of this are you? So Trademark/Copyright does not apply.
  16. I can't do that.
    Also: This thread is not for that. It is for trading Pokemon in the Pokemon Games, From Nintendo. It is also just for the Users of EMC.
    However this is not related to the game of Minecraft.
    Please don't ask about it in this thread anymore. If you want something like that, please use the suggestions forum.
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  17. I'd love to trade! In fact, I have a ton of the games. I don't really want to trade my legendary pokemon, though.

    I have these games:
    Heart Gold
    Black 2
    Alpha Sapphire
  18. One problem, though. I don't know how to put Suggestions into the Suggestion Box #ProSkillz
  19. I would trade but I left my games at my cousins' house... Shet
  20. Only X and Sapphire can trade online.
    The other game's pokemon would need to be brought up through the generations via local trading with your games.
    Are you willing to give out your friend code via PM?

    Its the same as posting here. Please read this thread and then make your suggestion:

    This is also not an Official EMC event thread or anything. I just really wana trade pokemon.
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