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  2. Constructive Feedback

    Constructive feedback is great. Everyone can use some every now and then and it helps form better players and a stronger community. If you don't have something constructive to say regarding a players' suggestion, then don't say it.

    Suggestion: Make it night all the time so we can fight monsters non-stop.

    Bad feedback: That's stupid. -1
    Good feedback: That wouldn't work on EMC because it goes against the ideal of 'Play Your Way'. You're neglecting the players that would rather play when it is daytime because they don't like monsters.
  3. Already Suggested Ideas

    Make sure that you look over the other stickied thread in the Suggestion Box for a list of notable suggestions that have been suggested already. This helps to cut down on the clutter of duplicate suggestions.
  4. Forum/Site Suggestions

    While I'm sure there are many things you would love to be improved about the forums, sadly we do not have the capability to improve the forums really.

    We use a forum software called Xenforo, but it is not written by us. This means we do not have much control in how the forums themselves behave.

    So not much can really change on the forums, such as filtering auctions from Recent Activity, etc.

    About the only thing we can do is install new modules or make custom modules (such as Leaderboards).

    If you have found a premade Xenforo module that you think would benefit the Empire, then please post that, but otherwise most small changes to the forums simply will not be possible.
  5. Promotional Item or Mini-Boss/Mob Suggestions

    To submit a promo suggestion or a mini-boss/mob, please use this form. It will help us be able to find it easier.

    If you wish to post your suggestion for community feedback in the Suggestion Box as well, then please do so. They will be moved to the archives 2 weeks after original post date, giving players plenty of time to give feedback.
  6. Please do not suggest server side Plug-ins

    Occasionally, we receive requests for plugins to be installed or client side mods that require server side plugins.

    I would just like to state we are not looking to add any more plugins to our server from external people.

    EMC only runs about 3 plugins coded by others that we do not maintain ourselves... and we would like to keep it to that as much as possible.

    Adding on more plugins can hurt our update speed, and exposes us to potential for issues outside of our control.

    We would rather program the features we desire ourselves so we know exactly how our server runs and know the code is of quality level and is not doing silly things.

    Most 3rd party plugins are written very badly, do hacky things that hurt performance, and open up the server to bugs and glitches...

    This is not something we are looking to do.

    The only case we will have for installing a new plugin is if it can save us a tremendous amount of time developing something, and that would be a pretty much developer kind of decision.

    So please, list a specific feature you want, and if you know a plugin that implements the idea well, then link it and we can look at it potentially for ideas, but we will very unlikely actually install the plugin, so please, request specific features, not plugins :)
Thread Status:
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