Piwi Day 2019

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Did you know who Piwi is before seeing this thread?

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  1. Hi, it's me again!

    The year of Skiing Piwi was an exciting year! I started at university, which has brought a lot of new challenges and fun, but have also had some tough times. Among that the loss of Piwi! However, after almost 3 months, he was found.
    But now the year of Skiing Piwi has ended, and a new year is dawning! This is the fifth anniversary of Piwi Day, and to celebrate the new lustrum Piwi is hosting a party!
    Naturally there will be another giveaway. To enter, pick an n ∈ ℕ such that 1 ≤ n ≤ 30. Oops, I've been studying too much... I mean, pick a number from 1-30. ;)
    The winner of the giveaway will be randomly selected by the program that was used in the previous two editions, updated with more interesting balloon behaviour. :D
    The fortunate winner will return home with the following:
    Birthday Hat, #F9801D, leather_helmet
    Lemonade, Instant Health II, potion
    Birthday Present, chest (this works particularly well at Christmas ;))
    Birthday Cake, cake
    Party Music, C418 - chirp, record_chirp
    Party Invitation, by 607, written_book
    Jelle68's head, skull
    Piwi Certificate, by 607, written_book

    (there probably won't actually be a party at 2 PM, this book was written just for fun, but who knows, if people are up for it I might throw something together :p)

    1. Dufne
    2. Captain__Foxy
    3. jacob5089
    5. Palmsugar
    6. weeh
    8. jewel_king
    9. ShyguytheGamer1
    10. Luckygreenbird
    11. TomvanWijnen
    12. fBuilderS
    13. Jelle68
    14. LordKopecz
    15. Tbird1128
    16. Otus_NigRum
    17. SkeleTin007
    18. Foxy_Kitty
    19. OriginalScuf
    20. thefriedmans
    21. Gaming_Comander
    22. ShelLuser
    23. Elaeric
    24. luckycordel
    25. Smooshed_Potato
    26. Lukas3226
    27. Fallouthood55
    28. wafflecoffee
    30. MoreMoople

    If you'd like to participate in the giveaway, please request a free number from the list above. One entry per person per year at maximum.
    Before entering the giveaway you must read the terms below.

    You will not distribute whatever you won to anyone, not even your own alternate accounts.
    You will not share the contents of the certificate with anyone but the other people who got it (which are me, Caeyde, Sprhyngtime, mjnoe70 and Joniia so far).

    Have a blessed year!
  2. I'm sorry it's late, I'm having some issues with EMC's avatar upload procedure. :p
  3. It'sss piwiii dayyy! :p
    12 please :)
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  4. Happy Piwi day! :D As much as I generally like the new picture, it's still confusing for me when you change your profile picture... :p

    I'd like to enter please, and with n = 11. ;) Thanks!
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  5. Happy Piwi day:D
    I'll go with lucky number 26 ;)
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  6. Happy piwi day three numbers!

    Can I getta numba nine?
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  7. Happy Piwi day. I'm going to pick my lucky number, which is 13 :)

    Let's see if I, for once, can get my head back. You know, it sucks to be headless, it really does...
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  8. Ah, this explains a lot about your occasionally quite peculiar behaviour..! :rolleyes:
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  9. Dig the avatar! Happy Piwi day!:D
    number 24 please
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  10. Thank you!
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  11. Can i get 20 please? Cool storie
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  12. Happy Piwi day !! and nice avatar :)

    Could I have number 6 please?
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  13. Happy Piwi Day! 15 please
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  14. Happy Piwi Day haha, can I request number 5 please?
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  15. Woohoo! Happy Piwi Day! :D
    I would like #30, please. :)
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  16. :eek: Piwi Skiwi eats lots of uh Ziwi?

    il take 8 xD
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  17. Happeh Piwi Day 607 *Piwi Noises*

    I will take number 17 please :)
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  18. Sounds like fun! I'll take number three :)
    Glad that Piwi is here!
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  19. Happy birthday! I'll take 26
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  20. I'd like 22 please :)

    And are we sure Piwi hasn't been playing GTAO too much? :eek:
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