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  1. It's Here!

    This Thread's main purpose is to keep you informed on my new PromoShop.
    My other PromoShop before was a lot smaller and didn't have many parts to it but this one does. So this is the place to get all the info for Panda's Promos!

    Who and what are we?
    We are a giant PromoShop and museum that has dedicated their whole emc time to collect and sell promos all over emc. We have a huge selection of promos to buy from, and we are getting more and more by the day.

    What is in this store?
    I have a decent size museum to look at and a huge selection to buy from. This selection will never stop growing! The reason it will never stop is because every time a new promo comes out my shop will buy it and sell it right away! I will keep adding new features to this store every time I get the chance!

    What is a weekly deal?

    A weekly deal is a special promo that I have only have for 1 weeks time. This is a promo that I normally don't sell in my PromoShop. This deal is also good because the price will keep going down until the week is over or someone buys it. This deal will start and restart every Sunday!

    What is to come?
    Well my friends as I have said a lot in this thread, this store will never stop growing! I have a huge update coming to the store that I am working on right now! Now I can't tell you much about this HUGE update but in this update I will have sell signs for all of my promos! That means you can come to this store to buy and sell promos!

    Where do you find us?
    You can locate us at /v 16247 on smp8. Or if you would like you can go to
    /v +pp (panda's promos) or /v +zp (zion's promos)

    Special Events!

    When there is a special or really big holiday my PromoShop will likely hold an event for it! Make sure to always watch this forum thread so you know when their is a special event going on!

    Hope you enjoy!
  2. Reserved for the Weekly Deal (Will renew every Sunday)
    It is time for Thanksgiving Events!!!! Keep in touch with this thread to stay updated with all our events!
  3. I realized that I forgot to mention where this store is XD. It is now added into the main post
  4. You refer to yourself as both "I" and "we". Which is it? xD
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  5. I like your attitude! Might check it out later.
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  6. It's kinda both. I do all the work on the promoshop and everything around it but I also sometimes work on it while I am on with my alts. So even though Zion_Moyer isn't on that doesn't mean I'm not on.
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  7. got a maxarian head by chance?
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  8. I have them I just don't have them in stock if I get one I will sell them.
  9. I am hoping to have all the sell signs up by next week so you can start making money when coming to my PromoShop!
  10. do you buy marlix gear for a reasonable price?
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  11. I may buy it at points but I just have sell signs up for all the main promos that are always up in my shop
  12. Yay okay :3
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  13. The new weekly deal is up! Check it out at /v 16247 on smp8
  14. I am buying the labor bench! Just come on down to 16247 and make cash!
  15. I would really hate to say this but something happened which made me loose 400k! So now that I am down 400k because of someones actions I will NOT be able to have sell signs up in my shop for a VERY long time. I really hate to do this but I don't have the money to fund the sell signs. So until my fund of money comes in I will not be able to put up my sell signs. Sorry
  16. Bumping for the weekly deal being half over!
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