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  1. So I'm supposed to be studying for my exams... but that's boring.

    Earlier in the year, I wrote a history essay on the topic: "Weimar Government's reasons for its failure to deal with social, political and economic problems (1918-33)" Except I didn't do very well because I didn't identify the reasons, and now while studying, I don't remember the answer at all.

    The syllabus writes:
    "Democratic changes under the Weimar Government and reasons for its failure to deal with social, political and economic problems"

    I think a correct answer might be, for example, that:
    • Proportional representation meant that the Reichstag was fragmented across both the left and right-wing and was thus unable to form a majority government that could legislate for said problems
    First person to give me a quality answer (can be in dot points) gets 1,000,000r :)If your first attempt isn't very good, you have until 4 hours after I tell you to correct it and you still get counted as first

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  2. To google!

    Edit: Oh well, I don't need another 1mil from a staff member. :p Good luck to those who know what they're talking about
  3. Adjusted the post for some rules
    • A Reichstag Fire Decree was signed that declared a state of emergency and wiped out constitutional liberties
    • Also a legislature allowed Hitler to govern by decree, not buy legislature
    It was Hitler's fault
  4. Not a quality answer
    • Social, political, economic?
    • Not enough detail
    • Whole period?
    • Only 2 points
    Also, OP now requires answers be submit via the forum to count
  5. Dare I ask what you're going to do with any answers? Are you looking for an honest answer or are you looking for a quick way out of a possible study project? ;)

    Just wondering...
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  6. I'm planning to rewrite the essay to study, but I'd rather not re-do the research which didn't answer the question in my first attempt but instead have all the points for me to write about
  7. The Weimar Republic (German: Weimarer Republik [ˈvaɪmaʁɐ ʁepuˈbliːk] (listen)) was the federal republic and semi-presidential representative democracy established in 1919 in Germany to replace the German Empire. It is named after Weimar, the city where the constitutional assembly took place, although the official name of the state was German Reich (Deutsches Reich), continuing the name from the pre-1918 Imperial period.
    The republic emerged from the German Revolution in November 1918. In 1919, a national assembly was convened in Weimar, where a new constitution for the German Reich was written, and adopted on 11 August. In its fourteen years, the Weimar Republic faced numerous problems, including hyperinflation, political extremists (with paramilitaries – both left and right wing) and continuing contentious relationships with the victors of the First World War. However, the Weimar Republic successfully reformed the currency, unified tax policies and the railway system and eliminated most of the requirements of the Treaty of Versailles, in that Germany never completely met the disarmament requirements, and eventually only paid a small portion of the total reparations required by the treaty, which were reduced twice by restructuring Germany's debt through the Dawes Plan and the Young Plan.[4] While the Western borders of the Weimar Republic were accepted by Germany under the influence of Gustav Stresemann as German foreign minister in the Locarno Treaties, the Eastern border remained debatable for the Weimar German governments.
    In 1930, President Hindenburg assumed emergency powers to back the administrations of Chancellors Heinrich Brüning, Franz von Papen and General Kurt von Schleicher. Between 1930 and 1933 the Great Depression, worsened by Brüning's policy of deflation, led to a surge in unemployment.[5] This led in 1933 to the appointment by Hindenburg of Adolf Hitler as Chancellor of a coalition government – out of 10 other cabinet seats besides Hitler's, there were only two others held by Nazis: Wilhelm Frick (Minister of the Interior) and Hermann Göring (Minister without portfolio) – von Papen as Vice Chancellor was intended to be the éminence grise who would keep Hitler under control, using his close personal connection to Hindenburg. The Reichstag Fire Decree, signed by Hindenburg less than a month later, declared a state of emergency – the presumed start of a Communist revolution – and wiped out Constitutional civil liberties at a stroke. This, combined with the passage by the legislature in March of the Enabling Act of 1933, allowed the Chancellor – Hitler – to govern by decree without the involvement of the legislature. These two events were commonly known by the Nazi Party as the Machtergreifung ("seizure of power"), and brought the Weimar Republic to an end. The constitution became irrelevant, a democratically-elected legislature was disbanded, and a single-party state was created. The end of the Weimar Republic marked the beginning of Nazi Germany.

    This help??:p lol
  8. ....did you copy that from Wikipedia?!?!
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  9. yup, how did you know?!
    I'll have another attempt....
    I really need these rupees! xD
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  14. This is quite a hard question, I've never heard of this before, at least if I don't win I have learnt something :p
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  15. Well then it seems my answer won't be too helpful. But I hope it wins anyways xD
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  16. [Removed] Saw google form :p
  17. It doesn't really answer the question
    • Yours was "reasons for the government's failure"
    • The question was why did it fail to deal with the problems
    Why didn't the government respond to the issues, not what were the issues? Basically
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  18. i will try again in 4 hours :p