Official Pokemon Go Thread!!!

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do you play Pokemon go

Yes 28 vote(s) 59.6%
No 18 vote(s) 38.3%
No let me download it 1 vote(s) 2.1%
  1. Ohhhh no, my game froze up. Hope I get a sinnoh stone though lol
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  2. Did you get a sinnoh stone? All I got was stardust, which I need and all... but still.
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  3. I got a sinnoh stone! Had some fun games across the leagues but my hand is getting sore so I'll call it a day I think :p You can check your journal to see what you got :)
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  4. Caught no shiny yet this event, truly hoping for a shiny pikachu in a Santa hat. Quick Question for those with Let's GO on Switch... Can you transfer shiny Pokemon from Let's Go to Pokemon Go?
  5. I got a Switch for Christmas!!11 I haven't set it up yet but I also got Let's Go Pikachu so I'll be playing through that :D
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  6. Ah, cool. :) If you have things to share about the game, you could post in the Pokémon thread. ;)

  7. Got a shiny Natu yesterday, was a bit unexpected but one I've been trying for.
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  8. So I was very naughty and spent the extra dosh on the Lets go switch edition with the game and pokeball. I have Lets go Eevee! And I got a shiny alolan ninettales so I'm very very happy XD Its just so OP with maxed out stats.
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