A General-Purpose Pokémon Thread

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In what fields have you got experience with Pokémon?

I've collected cards. 22 vote(s) 61.1%
I've watched the anime. 22 vote(s) 61.1%
I've played Pokémon Go. 18 vote(s) 50.0%
I've played any of the main Pokémon games. 28 vote(s) 77.8%
I've played any of the games in Pokémon side series. 16 vote(s) 44.4%
I've seen any of the Pokémon movies. 22 vote(s) 61.1%
Other. 4 vote(s) 11.1%
None of the above. 2 vote(s) 5.6%
Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. Hi, it's me again!

    Monday, I wanted to post something Pokémon related. So I figured I'd look up the appropriate thread. And then it turned out there isn't one. :eek: I know there is the Pokémon Trading thread and a Pokémon Go thread, but that seemed to be it... except for one thread from 2012 that quickly descended into a not very relevant controversial discussion. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    But I thought... there must be people here who've got stuff to share about Pokémon, right? I mean, it is quite a popular franchise, especially under gamers, and I think we've got quite a few gamers here.
    I have never been too much into Pokémon myself, but all my male friends from school are, so I do know quite a lot about it. :p
    But I'm interested to hear about anything anyone would like to say about the games, any of the side series, the TCG, the Anime, or anything else.

    Nobody might care too post here, but I didn't go looking for a Pokémon thread without a reason, so I'll be making a post myself soon. ;)
  2. So... I bought Pokémon Blue for my 18th birthday!

    As I didn't trust the battery inside it to last a dozen more years, and I'd rather not lose my save file any time soon, I also ordered a screwdriver and some replacement batteries.

    An uncle did the soldering, but it actually looked really easy, so if I need to do a similar job in the future, I'll probably be able to do it myself.

    I started playing last Friday evening, and have been really enjoying the game so far! :D
    When I started a new file and Professor Oak asked me for my name, I realised that names can't actually include numbers in this game... But my name's Sixx now, something which Alice started calling me long ago and which has stuck with me. :)

    I've been playing the game for close to 9 hours now, and just got out of S. S. Anne.
    I don't think I've quite got the best of strategies yet, especially as I don't know what's coming up, because I've never played through any Pokémon game before, and although I've seen some bits of the game in Twitch plays Pokémon, I don't really know how the story progresses.
    If I've got any questions I would like some help with, though, I can ask my friends. :)
    My main team so far consists of the following:

    Bubble, a lvl. 26 Wartortle - my starter.
    Vogel, a lvl. 27 Pidgeotto - I caught it as a low-leveled Pidgey close to the start of the game.
    Mee-eter, a lvl. 23 Paras - I started training that to use against Misty's Starmie, and grew to like it.

    I'm currently training a Magikarp I bought from that 'shady man' for 500 Pokédollars. :)
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  3. I saw pokemon 2000 in theaters with my brother. You were given a Holographic card in a see-through wrapper with your ticket purchase. It's a mew card and I still have mine in it's original wrapper. I believe it's worth a whole $10 or $15 now. :D
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  4. I have both sun and omega ruby!
  5. Haha, that sounds quite cool!
  6. Lavender Town's freaky!
    Celadon City is very cool, though!!
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  7. I've been really enjoying this game still! I'm now at Celadon City, and my current preferred team consists of the following:
    Bubble, a lvl. 33 Wartortle
    Mee-eter, a lvl. 34 Parasect
    Kephalai, a lvl. 27 Doduo
    Ostaf, a lvl. 31 Snorlax
    Iglo, a lvl. 34 Sandslash
    Spetter, a lvl. 32 Magikarp

    But as I like to keep a free spot in my team in order to be able to catch other Pokémon, I often store Ostaf.
    Edit: Gyarados, not Magikarp! xD
  8. I appreciate Pokkén Tournament DX: it seems like a good game, and as the Switch doesn't have backwards compatibility, it's nice to remake some of the better titles. :)
  9. Only a few days ago I discovered by accident that you can catch Pokémon even if your team is already full. Did it take anyone else really long (well, for me, less than an entire playthrough, but still over 20 hours) to figure that out?
  10. It seems like an odd design decision to have a maximum of 50 unique items in your pc... and it's consistent throughout the games, too. Why would they do that? I suppose I'll have to use TM's I probably won't have a good use for on Pokémon I don't have a good use for, to free up space...
  11. I've also played Pixelmon ;)
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  12. Ah, yeah, that's interesting! born_ego used to be the leader of the Flying Gym on a Pixelmon server.
  13. This is a thread for me! I've collected cards, I've watched the anime and the movies. I own every pokemon Generation and some side games.
    My favorite generation is probably gen 2 or 3. My first game was Pokemon blue, red, and crystal. Got those games from my cousins. They got bored of them and then gave the games and the game boy to me and my brother. My first own game was Pokemon Pearl and I loved it! After that I bought Pokemon Platinum. I currently have 500 hours on Platinum and 300 hours on Pearl.
    I can go on about my Pokemon history for ever...
    I'm gonna go get UltraMoon soon as well. Now I'm done...for now...:p
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  14. I'm going to attempt to tackle the Elite Four in Pokémon Blue. :D
    I bought quite some vitamins to raise my Pokémon's stats (now I've got so little money that it's also not such a big deal if I lose a fight. :p), and also trained them all up to level 45!
    Since my last post on my team it's also changed a bit.
    It now consists of the following:
    Iglo Sandslash
    Uranium Magmar
    Kephalai Dodrio
    Mee-eter Parasect
    Cute Dewgong
    Ostaf Snorlax

    I'm excited! :)
  15. Actually, never mind, there's a bit more of the game to go still. :p I wasn't expecting a cave system here. :eek:
    I assume there isn't a Pokécenter at the end of it?... D:
  16. there is. you get to revive all your pokemon after victory road. :p

    also, uh, updating the public on my state in pokemon- beat pokemon sun, got a shiny vulpix from breeding, and got Ultra Moon, havent started the game as I am trying to get a shiny Popplio.
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  17. Saw the anime which I think was decently fun. Saw the first movie and although I though it was ok I also noticed that I was definitely not the target audience, so I skipped the rest.

    The only cardgame I actually got some cards from is Yu-gi-oh. But I guess I'm also showing my age there because the modern stuff never managed to catch my interest. So many rules, so many different cards, so many weird cards. Sometimes you put down a card and the game can play itself for several minutes, I really don't see the fun in that :)

    Pokemon Go seems like fun though. I don't play it myself but I know of some kids who are even today really motivated to go out hunting... lol... that was seriously funny: got back from getting my groceries when I noticed a neighbor somewhere on the lower floors getting home with his kid and the kid wanted to walk another extra block around. So I made a comment about kids actually enjoying an outdoor walk? It's not uncommon for 'm to be happy that they're back home and can now play games and other stuff.

    But yah, as it turned out the kid wanted to out Pokemon hunting, but he was not allowed to go so far out on his own :)

    oh well ;)
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  18. i have watched Alot of pokemon :p

    (i was missing like 3 and the episodes that were never made available in my country)

    Heres My Review of the Different Series

    Original(normal kanto and johto): it can be a bit slow at times and a bunch of missing episodes also there wasnt really any goals from any character but the main

    Advanced(hoen, man how do you spell that xD): in my opnion the show really picks up here Having other characters have goals makes it less repetitive i guess and all the mystery around team aqua and magma was good

    Diamond and Pearl (sinoh man my spelling stinks): Pretty good! alot of the same observations as advanced, Other characters goals, and team galactic was mysterious and all the legends were really good

    Best wishes(unova): it was ok not the best but still worth watching

    x y (and z): Amazing! i would say this is probibly my favorite series, Lots of good battles

    Sun and Moon: this is still on going and i have not seen the latest few but so far its Very Good! its Very Different from the rest of the series but still the same pokemon! Only down side i can think of is the team in this series is not to prominent
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  19. I finally decided to start the Elite Four. The first fight was almost devastating, though! I got through it, but used up a lot of Revives and Potions, and had to use almost all I had left afterward, to get my Pokémon back in the game. I thought I would certainly lose on the second fight now, and I decided to continue, as otherwise I might not feel like it anymore. But I didn't have to use any items in the second and third fight!! I did have to use two of my remaining four potions after Agatha.
    I think the last fight will probably be hardest, and even if it's as hard as the first fight, I won't stand a chance... But who knows! It might help if I know ahead of time which types of Pokémon my opponent uses. Does anyone know? I know I could look it up, but I don't want to know the actual Pokémon, only the types. ;)