A General-Purpose Pokémon Thread

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In what fields have you got experience with Pokémon?

I've collected cards. 18 vote(s) 62.1%
I've watched the anime. 16 vote(s) 55.2%
I've played Pokémon Go. 14 vote(s) 48.3%
I've played any of the main Pokémon games. 22 vote(s) 75.9%
I've played any of the games in Pokémon side series. 12 vote(s) 41.4%
I've seen any of the Pokémon movies. 17 vote(s) 58.6%
Other. 3 vote(s) 10.3%
None of the above. 2 vote(s) 6.9%
Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. Interesting, thank you!
    I'm might buy a Gen 2 Pokémon game for my 20th birthday anniversary, but I'm not sure whether to go for Gold or Silver... both have similar amounts of Pokémon I care a little and care little for, but neither has got Pokémon I really care for. Although Vulpix comes close, so maybe I should go for Silver.
  2. I see a clear Electric and Rock weakness within this current team. Three Pokemon are Flying types that are weak to Electric and Rock, with Gyarados taking 4x damage from Electric, due to being part Water, and Scyther 4x-weak to Rock, as a result of its part Bug typing. Two Pokemon resist Electric, but none resist Rock.

    While Gyarados can learn Earthquake via TM, most Electric types are fast and will KO it, unless Gyarados is faster from previously using Dragon Dance(s). Many Psychic types can also learn Thunderbolt or Charge Beam via TM.

    Scyther will lose its weaknesses as a Flying type if it evolves into Scizor, becoming a Bug/Steel type. However, this requires trading Scyther to another game while it is holding a Metal Coat.

    The two Electric resistances in this team are decent. Electric-type Pokemon generally lack in type coverage, so their offense is easily cut off by Pokemon that resist or are immune to their Electric STAB.

    Rock is a... *hard* type to defend against. Only Fighting, Ground, and Steel types resist Rock. Furthermore, many Pokemon from types other than Rock can learn Rock Slide and/or Stone Edge, most notably Fighting and Ground types for coverage against Flying. However, all Rock-type attacks are Physical, except for Ancient Power and Power Gem. This is still the case in Generation VII, excluding their equivalent Z-move.
    But on the flip-side, most Rock-type Pokemon are slow, lack Special Defense (without the 50% boost from a sandstorm), and have many type-weaknesses. Rock on its own is tied with Grass being weak to five types: Water, Grass, Fighting, Ground and Steel, the former two having predominantly Special attacks.


    Adding Growlithe to your team would not help much with the Rock weakness, but it would complete your Grass-Fire-Water core.
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  3. I saw Detective Pikachu in theatre today! I wanted to see it when it released, but one of the friends I asked didn't reply and the other ended up having something else planned. I asked some more people and at one point was going to go with either my brother or my cousin, but then they went together for my brother's birthday. :rolleyes: I thought that at this point it wasn't showing anymore, but then last Thursday I had someone ask me if someone wanted to see it, as she works at a cinema and can get free admission for her and a friend on any cinema of the same chain. Apparently it was still showing in some cinemas! And as we are both students we could use public transit free of charge too. :)

    Enough of the context... I saw Detective Pikachu! I really liked it. I don't easily pick up on things in movies, so things that would be obvious to most people were a surprise for me, and that was nice. (there was one thing that I picked up on early though...) The Pokémon look beautiful, and I think the story's quite nice as well (edit: I'm reading that some people found it 'too standard': that is not an issue for me as I haven't watched a lot of films, and have never watched a Pokémon movie before). I thought that the music might disappoint, but it really did not! I love the main theme, which returns a few times throughout the film, but actually just a few times, which makes it stay fresh. In fact, each time it's used it's used in quite a different way, which makes it fresh anyway, but it being used rarely makes the scenes that have it more special. And the music not featuring the main theme (which is thus most of it) is very nice too!
    I'm listening to the soundtrack on YouTube now, and might purchase it later. :)
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