Official Pokemon Go Thread!!!

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do you play Pokemon go

Yes 37 vote(s) 61.7%
No 21 vote(s) 35.0%
No let me download it 2 vote(s) 3.3%
  1. Caught a charizard at the library yesterday
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  2. Oooo I still need one of those! I’ve been trying for a shiny Aipom but no sign of one yet :p

    Anyone seen detective Pikachu yet? :3
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  3. Oh cool, didn't realize EMC had a thread for PoGo.
    I still play! I'm level 34, but I'm semi-inactive right now cause my phone broke a few months ago, and this cheap, temporary replacement can't run it very well. PVP's mostly what I'm interested in (with traveling and playing the game being the second). Despite the design not necessarily impressing me, I've stuck around this long, I can wait for hopefully more additions and improvements to the mode!

    Just wanted to say hi to signal my interest and will hopefully get a new phone that can run the game soon, so I can get back into this. So, hi!
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  4. Yeah I have like 4 of them.. Pretty easy to get. You pick any pokemon you have and click the camera button to take a picture of them and detective pikachu will photobomb the picture and then spawn near you for you to try and catch. This method only works once per day....

  5. Ever so sorry I should have clarified! I meant the movie xD

    Lovely shiny though <3
  6. Thanks and I have not seen the movie but i heard all the spoilers and not sure if I'll see it until it hits dvd because of the spoilers.. Kinda ruined it a bit..
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  7. Did everyone get a Shiny Torchic during community day?
  8. I had a total of five, traded one with a second account and got a really nice high IV too :) I don’t think it’s the coolest looking shiny, but another one for the collection ;)

    What about you? :3
  9. I got four and then stopped hunting them which was enough to evolve one and try trading with people for a shiny lucky torchic which none became lucky..
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  10. My Snorlax plushie had a sleepy nap buddy today <3

  11. After a little under three years I have hit level 40.
  12. Today for the ralts event I caught 6 shiny ralts! Half were very good IVs, yet alas no perfect shinies
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  13. Nice :) I managed to get 8 Shinys. Got 2 evolved to the boy version gallade (with sinoh stone) and 2 to girl version gardevoir.
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  14. Now that I'm not commuting to my training placement I'm hardly playing PoGo anymore; I completely forgot about community day till the last half hour (I convinced myself it was later on in the month!) :p

    That said, I did recently catch a shiny Alolan Ratatta recently which is pretty sweet :3
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  15. I managed to get 1 shiny in the first two and a half hours, then 6 more in the final half hour.
  16. Catching up... I didn't partake in the August community day event but my brother caught one for me. Anyway I made Meltan my walking buddy but you have to walk him 20km for one candy.. That's insane, i get he's special but not 20km for one candy special.. lol
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  17. (20*400)-3=7997 Kilometers.....

    Rip me when I get Meltan
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  18. Ridiculous for it to be 20k! I only got my Melmetal from using a Mystery box with pinap berries in a double candy event :p
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  19. Rare candies will really come in handy!
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  20. whats the last shiny everyone has caught ?

    Mine was an Eevee but only cause of the special jump start research.