Official Pokemon Go Thread!!!

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do you play Pokemon go

Yes 37 vote(s) 61.7%
No 21 vote(s) 35.0%
No let me download it 2 vote(s) 3.3%
  1. Actually, I have a Samsung and I just use that as a joke. :p lol.
  2. I think it was inspired by this April Fools joke. :D

    I remember being in History class (or maybe it was Geography or Science, we had those in the same classroom) and not paying attention because I was catching Pokémon. :D
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  3. Well it's in the Android Store too, so Samsung works fine.
  4. I think the entire video is an April fools joke.. Deadline to be Googles Pokemon Master is 2014 and yet Pokemon go didn't come out until 2016. :D:p LOL
  5. Nope, it was a real thing! As said, I played it.
    And I am quite certain that the success of this April Fool's stunt was indeed the reason for GameFreak to approach Niantic (assuming it was them who did first, maybe it was the other way around).
  6. Just curios if any of you also play Let's Go on the Nintendo Switch and just how better does it makes Pokemon Go?
  7. I don't have a Switch but I have a friend that does. The only thing I know he does is trade Pokemon back and forth between the games. I'm fairly positive the only effect this has on Pokemon Go at all is the Mystery Box with the Meltans. It may affect his Let's Go game with pokemon he trades over to that though.

    If you do a trade from Pokemon Go to the Switch, you get a Mystery Box. You can get 1 every 10 days I think and then you pop open the box and you get up to 20 Meltans that spawn over the next 30 minutes. It takes 400 Meltan candy to evolve it.
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  8. ^^Yes it helps the Meltan evolution grind

    Anyone interested in exchanging trainer codes?
  9. I'll send you a request now :D

    I need to trade with my flatmates's Let's Go Pokemon Eevee so I can get a Mystery Box, as I didn't get too far through the quests before the event finished as I was poorly :(

    Edit: Just realised I can't send you a request when I don't have your trainer code... mine is 7552 1763 0271 :rolleyes:

    Also, ooo new loading screen <3
  10. PVP battles have arrived!!! I tried challenging AnonReturns this morning but it didn't work :(
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  11. If you're Ultra or Best friends with me then Lets Battle!!
  12. I pressed accept and nothing happened! :(

    Training gave me a sinnoh stone which I was really thankful for though :D
  13. what's your name in the game? not sure if we're friends. I know I have AnonReturns and RainbowChin.
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  14. it's AncientTower, so i'd think you'd know if was listed. I don't think my trainer code has changed, just grabbed this off an earlier post in this thread. My trainer code.. 4114 2749 5045
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  15. So evidently the lowdown on the PVP battles is 3 for player vs player and 1 for player vs trainer as far as getting a gift. Also need to make sure you have room in your item bag for the prize.
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  16. New pokemon!!!!
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  17. AnonReturns, you want to do a battle today?
  18. I’d be up for that :) Hard to coordinate though!

    I used a mystery box today and caught 19 Meltan :D With double candy, berries and some transfers that got me to 254 candy <3_<3
  19. awwwww yiss. I have enough rare candy at this point to get the Melmetal but I think I'm going to wait and just get it with the boxes.

    I my game open today so you can send me a battle request anytime.
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  20. gg, great battle. we can rematch if you want and i can do a different team
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