Official Pokemon Go Thread!!!

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do you play Pokemon go

Yes 37 vote(s) 61.7%
No 21 vote(s) 35.0%
No let me download it 2 vote(s) 3.3%
  1. Hey everyone.......... Shiny regional from gen 1 available in 7k Alolan eggs. Please send gifts I'd I love eggs some shiny. Thanks!!!!
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  2. Don't know if anyone is interested in some Mr.Mimes. I can send gifts daily.
    Please add me: 5886 5097 6482
    Caught a Shiny Houndour today! :)
  3. Congrats! I believe you can get regionals from anywhere the gift is sent. Ex. I (Americas) send a fit to you (Europe). You have the chance to hatch any generation 1 regional. Hope this helps!
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  4. Got a shiny eevee with flowers on from my breakthrough this morning - it’s so cute <3_<3 I’ll be sure to send out some gifts, I know I’ve been slacking :p
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  5. Yeah I know! During the event, but after the event it will go back to the normal eggs right?
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  6. If anyone wants to add me, my code's 8954 3004 8906. I'll try to send gifts often! :)
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  7. Yep
  8. Me: Oooo the prospect of shiny regionals <3_<3
    PoGo: *Gives her non-shiny variants of her regional Pokémon*

    Anyone else feel the pain? XD
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  9. Yeah.. I've hatched double each regional minus Tauros and over 20 baby pokemon and non of them have been a shiny. Not giving up still have 10 more days to try and hatch a shiny.
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  10. I’m the same! :p I bought the adventure box so I have plenty of the super incubators to use with the half hatch distance :D
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  11. No shinies for me either, but at least I finally hatched a Kangaskhan and completed the Kanto dex! :D
  12. I hatched a shiny Farfetchd earlier this week. Makes up for not hatching an Unown last week.
  13. Just wanted to share and hear about how the community day went for everyone! I managed to catch 3 shiny turtwigs and got up to 300 candies. How did it go for everyone else? :)
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  14. Congrats on the 3 shiny..

    I wasn't feeling up to par so I didn't do any hunting. I can still catch it during the December community day for catching up.
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  15. I just 2 Alolan eggs from one gift. I've never had that happen before, i hope it means one is a shiny regional.
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  16. I've hatched so many alolan eggs this past week and have got nothing good :mad:. Although I just visited San Fran and got a shiny Onix, Machop, Alolan Sandshrew, and Pineco!! All within 4 days!
    Also my trainer code: 4640 8459 9474
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  17. When claiming the weekly reward it said I hatched 63 eggs! How crazy is that :p

    I also recently got a shiny pineco and a Alolan Sandshrew! I didn’t even realise that there was a shiny version of Alolan Sandshrew :p No shiny regionals on my main account, but still 8 eggs from my second account to get through :D
  18. Halloween event !! Double candies on catch and transfer..
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  19. Pokemon Go has the word "Go" in the name~

    (That's almost all I know about the game, I know very minimal about the franchise as well.)
  20. I thought you might also know that it was made by the developers of Ingress.