Official Dragon Tombs Countdown

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Unoski, Oct 25, 2013.

  1. Seems legit
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  2. Why is this for January 30, 3999? Is that your way of saying "never"?
    Well, we have 725103 days to wait then...
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  3. It is a joke, Dragon Tombs was introduced over a year ago and the updates kept making it longer to code. This update is pretty much punching Dragon Tombs in the face.
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  4. This seems a bit too early. I was thinking around 4999 to 5199.
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  5. Early, huh?
  6. I couldn't go any higher :I
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  7. How long until you think Aikar sees this?
  8. Bump for Aikar :p
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  9. Hey, it's not Aikar's fault. Coding is much more than just typing in a few small lines of code, and the recent updates have pushed it back even farther. Dragon Tombs will come when they are finished, do not rush them and they will turn out great.
  10. Do not worry, this is not meant to make Aikar feel rushed or anything it was just a friendly joke.
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  11. Well, since the first mention of it I can find in the forums is from August last year, I think we've already knocked a fair bit of time off it,

    Sometimes you think it would almost be better if they'd never mentioned it at all and just sprung it when it was complete. :)
  12. There was a thread from July last year I think. So even earlier...
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  13. The staff have stated that it will be out in about 3 months. Aikar Time.
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  14. Hmm... Well, I heard it's pretty much the priority now. So in other words, a few more months, most likely sometime around New Years and anytime till Valentine's Day.
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  15. It's been the priority since July last year...
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  16. Yep. Here, have a