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  1. Sorry for double post but these are the "confirmed" features for the Spectator Mode.
    • Noclip
    • Flying
    • You can spectate through the eyes of other mobs
    • No inventory
    • No arm
    • Invisible players are semi transparent
    • Invisible to all players
    • Cannot interact with world and vice versa
    • /gamemode 3 @p
    • Arrows fly through you
    • Cannot push mobs
  2. *watches through the eyes of creeper*
  3. Hey, that's actually kinda funny...
    Though I think I Like Trains was better.

    That sounds so cool!
    That...sounds kinda weird, it's like hitting F1?
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  4. Almost, most of the HUD is gone, but the crosshair is still there
  5. Invisible players are semi transparent and players are invisible to everyone seem conflicting to me.
  6. Invisible players are semi transparent to spectators, spectators are invisible to everyone.
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  7. Ok, thanks:)
    That confused me at first:p
  8. Spider Vision!
    Creeper Vision!
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  9. That's so cool! In cat vision, does every single chest and crafting table look like a bed to sit on? :p
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  10. I'd say that's awesome, but that would imply it's not as cool as it appears to be.
  11. What are those visions?
  12. Spider and Creeper
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  13. Yes, I saw that, but I mean, what are they? Do you get them while spectating? Are they super secret settings? Do you get them when putting on the respective heads?
  14. When in Spectator mode, you can view any animals/players POV. What you see is the Spider POV and the Creeper POV
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  15. Aikar, please see this and remove the thing where we cannot Dupe other books.
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  16. Spectator Mode!
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  17. I reported it to him when it was first mentioned that you can duplicate books, and since then he has patched it and you can only dupe your own books.
  18. Perhaps you do not know what I mean.

    I want him to UNnerf it, for the gif explains why.
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  19. And it's also the reason it won't be unnerfed. :)

    EDIT: Just seen the new "Copied" lore. Still personally not a fan of unnerfing.
  20. It can be like Dragon Eggs.

    There is 1 original, and several "copies". This allows people to sell copies of signed books, it would lower the price but it is all the same nonetheless.
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