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  1. General
    • Splash
      • "That's Numberwang!"
      • "Ryan also has amazing hair!"
    • Difficulty
      • Difficulty is per world
        • No more global difficulty option
        • Prevents accidentally changing the difficulty when joining the world
      • Can be locked for each world
        • Prevents the temptation to change to an easier difficulty in difficult situations
        • Locking can not be undone without external editors
          • However, using the /difficulty command will still work
    • Shaders
      • New "creeper" shader (creeper.json), applies a green tint
        • Is applied when spectating from the perspective of a creeper
        • Can also be applied using Super Secret Settings
      • New "spider" shader (spider.json), applies octuple vision
        • Is applied when spectating from the perspective of a spider
        • Can also be applied using Super Secret Settings
    • Achievement
      • New achievement Overpowered
        • Obtained by crafting an enchanted golden apple
        • Requires first obtaining Getting an Upgrade
    • Target selectors
      • @e
        • Targets entities
        • Can specify type of entity by entity ID to either include or exclude with [type=Chicken] or [type=!Skeleton]
        • Example: /kill @e[r=50,type=Chicken] - kills all chickens within a radius of 50 blocks
        • Example: /tp @e[r=5] ~ ~5 ~ - any entity within a radius of 5 blocks will be teleported five blocks in the air
    • Commands
      • /blockdata
        • Modifies NBT data at a specific coordinate. The <dataTag> merges with the block at that position
        • Can be used to change the contents of a chest
        • Usage: /blockdata <x> <y> <z> <dataTag>
      • /clone
        • Clones all the blocks (not entities) from a given area to a different given area
        • Up to 4096 blocks can be copied
        • The clone can be masked or replace - replace will copy every block, masked will only copy non-air blocks
        • Usage: /clone <x1> <y1> <z1> <x2> <y2> <z2> <x> <y> <z> [mode]
        • Example: /clone 1001 3 1002 1011 3 992 1001 5 992 masked
      • /fill
        • Fills a given volume with a specified block
        • Up to 4096 blocks can be filled
        • oldBlockHandling works like with /setblock, but with additional options: hollow to only fill the outer layer of blocks and fill the inner part with air, outline to fill the outer layer of blocks and ignore the inner part
        • Works similarly to /setblock
        • Usage: /fill <x1> <y1> <z1> <x2> <y2> <z2> <TileName> [dataValue] [oldBlockHandling] <dataTag>
        • Example: /fill 1001 3 1002 1011 5 992 wool 6 replace
        • Can filter certain blocks
          • Only if it’s used to fill in replace mode with “normal” blocks.
          • It does not work when filling with block entities.
          • Syntax: /fill [x] [y] [z] [x] [y] [z] [BlockName] [Data] replace [filterBlockName] [filterData]
      • /particle
        • Spawns particles in a given area
          • It can also be relative to entities.
        • Usage: /particle <name> <x> <y> <z> <xd> <yd> <zd> <speed> [count] [player:entity]
        • Example: /particle lava ~ ~1 ~ 1 1 1 0.5 2 @e[type=Chicken]
        • List of particles: hugeexplosion, largeexplode, fireworksSpark, bubble, suspended, depthsuspend, townaura, crit, magicCrit, smoke, mobSpell, mobSpellAmbient, spell, instantSpell, witchMagic, note, portal, enchantmenttable,explode, flame, lava, footstep, splash, wake, largesmoke, cloud, reddust, snowballpoof, dripWater, dripLava, snowshovel, slime, heart, angryVillager, happyVillager, iconcrack_(ID), blockcrack_(ID), blockdust_(ID)_(DATA),barrier.
      • /trigger
        • Functions the same way as /scoreboard players set or /scoreboard players add, but can only modify objectives with the trigger criteria
        • Can be used by non-operator players
        • Mostly for use with /tellraw
        • Syntax: /trigger <objective> <add:set> <value>
    • NBT Tags
      • CanDestroy
        • Mostly for use in adventure mode
        • Items with this tag display the names of the blocks that they can destroy in the item tooltip
        • Example: /give @p minecraft:diamond_shovel 1 0 {CanDestroy:["minecraft:sand","minecraft:grass"]} to give a diamond shovel that can break grass and sand)
      • CanPlaceOn
        • Allows placing of certain blocks against other blocks in adventure mode
        • Example: /give @p stone 16 0 {CanPlaceOn:["minecraft:diamond_block"]}
      • HideFlags
        • Allows hiding of certain parts of the tooltip
        • Bit field of 1/enchantments, 2/modifiers, 4/unbreakable, 8/candestroy, 16/canplace
      • PickupDelay
        • The number of ticks before an item entity can be picked up.
        • Set to 32767 for items that can't be picked up
      • ShowParticles
        • Option to show or hide all particles for a potion effect, while the 'Ambient' tag only shows fewer particles. Set to 1 to show, 0 to hide.
      • Lock:"Secret"
        • A way to lock containers from being opened using NBT tags
        • Mostly useful for adventure maps in adventure mode
        • Containers can be unlocked by clearing their string for Lock
        • Locked containers can only be opened while holding anything renamed to the given string, item is not removed on use[2]
        • The lock can be completely removed utilizing the command /blockdata
    • Gamerule
      • logAdminCommands
        • Prevents command block output from being stored in chat logs. In multiplayer, also prevents player-initiated commands from being stored. Unrelated to commandBlockOutput, which is output into the visible chat.
    • Scoreboards
      • The ability to reset objectives one by one
        • Example: /scoreboard players reset <player> [objective]
      • New objective criteria for team-specific kills, e.g.:,
      • New objective criteria 'trigger
        • Acts like the dummy criteria
        • Mostly for use with /tellraw
      • The ability to iterate over every scoreboard player with *
    • Spectator game mode
      • Usage: /gamemode spectator, /gamemode sp or /gamemode 3
      • No interaction with the world
        • Player can move through any entity or block without interfering with it (commonly referred to as 'noclip')
        • Collecting or using items is impossible, as is placing, destroying or interacting with blocks in any way
        • Viewing inventories and GUIs is possible, but it is not possible to interact with them
          • The HUD is disabled, except for the crosshairs when looking at a mob.
        • Player selectors (in commands) will target spectators
          • Using /give on a spectator will cause the item(s) to drop at their location.
        • Spectators are not noticed by mobs, and do not trigger spawners or spawning
          • A spectator's presence keeps a mob from despawning
        • Only the Void and /kill can damage a spectator
      • Flying mode
        • Landing is not possible—the player can fly through the ground
        • The mouse scroll wheel, the sprint key, and the slowness and swiftness effects all affect the flying speed
      • First-person view through another player or mob's eyes
        • Left-clicking an entity locks the player's position and camera to the entity's
        • The spectator cannot control where the entity moves or looks
        • Certain mobs have different vision
          • Creeper applies the new creeper.json shader
          • Endermen applies the invert.json shader
          • Spider and Cave Spider apply the new spider.json shader
        • Viewing oneself using F5 shows the entity
        • Pressing the Dismount key (⇧ Shift by default) returns the player to flying mode
      • Viewing privileges
        • Spectators can see other spectators
          • Appear as a translucent disembodied head
          • The selected item from the hotbar is also visible
        • Invisible players and mobs appear visible, but translucent
        • An optional hotkey to show outlines on players whilst spectating
          • Can be color coded to teams
          • Can be set/cancelled in Controls option
        • Outline seen when key is held down (like sneaking when shift is held down)
    World Generation
    • Underground
      • Granite, andesite and diorite generate in pockets within stone terrain
        • Similar size and abundance to dirt and gravel
    Blocks and Items
    • Diorite
      • Crafting recipe: 2 cobblestone and 2 Nether quartz in a checker board pattern
      • Can be crafted into polished diorite
    • Andesite
      • Crafting recipe: 1 cobblestone and 1 diorite
      • Can be crafted into polished andesite
    • Granite
      • Crafting recipe: 1 Nether quartz and 1 diorite
      • Can be crafted into polished granite
    • Polished Diorite
      • Crafting recipe: 4 diorite in a 2x2 configuration
    • Polished Andesite
      • Crafting recipe: 4 andesite in a 2x2 configuration
    • Polished Granite
      • Crafting recipe: 4 granite in a 2x2 configuration
    • Slime Block
      • Players and mobs that land on their top side will bounce, like on a trampoline
        • Bounce rebound velocity is scaled by impact velocity, can reach up to 60%
        • Currently does not affect item entities
      • Prevents fall damage
      • Walking on it is slower than walking on soul sand, close to one's speed whilst sneaking
      • Crafting recipe: 9 slime balls
        • Can be crafted back into 9 slime balls
    • Barrier
      • Acts like a full block but is completely transparent
      • Can transfer redstone signals and allows blocks to be placed on it
      • Invincible like bedrock
      • Can be obtained using /give @p minecraft:barrier
      • Becomes visible when a player in Creative mode is holding a barrier in their hand
        • Appears to be rendered as particles; always facing the player and become transparent when in-front of water
  2. Something
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  3. *Hopes for the ability to change names.*
  4. Stackable doors.... this is a true game changer, might actually build an iron farm once this update rolls out :rolleyes:
  5. Also, for the doors, this seems to apply to iron doors as well...
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  6. Whenever people say 1.8 I think of this:

  7. OMG! more doors. More Doors! MOAR DOORZZZ!!!
  8. I had no idea that an Iron Door was a Door!
  9. Way too early for this. Can we not enjoy 1.7, as it has just been implemented into EMC?
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  10. Diamond Doors would be nice
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  11. We are enjoying 1.7 and it is never to early. I just thought I would give people a heads up on what is to come.
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  12. Stackable Doors

    BrenJone is currently playing hallelujah music right now. :p
  13. Whatever the big deal about doors is......
    pie and more mobs.
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  14. #Minecrafthasntbeenout3years:p
  15. #Yesithasprettymuchstartedonfirstjuly2010whichisover3yearsagoyesthishashtagiswaytoolongiknow
  16. The new doors will be really nice. I don't understand why some items don't stack very much. For instance, buckets are one of the most easily stack able items and yet you can only stack 16 of them. Oh Mojang....
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  17. What I really want for 1.8 is MORE RAILS!
    Current redstone is a bit boring.
    Same with rails.
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  18. We need more animals!
  19. More sea/water animals would be really cool. Especially something along the lines of a rideable alligator/whale
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