North Korea has "entered" war with South Korea

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  1. North Korea has stated it has entered war with South Korea. More news to come as it happens.
  2. How long until North Korea gets bombed, anyone?
  3. Oh, North Korea doesn't like America?

    Let's fly bombers over it and say they were returning from a training mission.

    It annoys me the stupidity of my country sometimes.
  4. The USA has not made a statement so far.
  5. No but from what I've seen ( - Woo Fox)
    "North Korea said Saturday it had entered "a state of war" with South Korea in its latest threat aimed at the United States and its ally after two American B-2 bombers flew a training mission in the region."
    That's all I really know so far and for the accuracy I'm not exactly sure. It seems like something we'd do though.
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  6. The war is currently active after 50 or so years of cease fire. No other nation is currently involved at this time.
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  7. At least we now know exactly what the relationship is between the two koreas. Instead of a no peace and no war time.
  8. This will be interesting.
  9. We did that to show them who's boss
  10. This will not be a pretty sight.
  11. They think the way to stop us from flying over their country will be by starting a war?
    Wow... Just wow...
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  12. Go home world, you're drunk.
  13. This could easily turn into Vietnam War II..... lets hope not.
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  14. Yeah, except that we aren't talking about Vietnam
  15. Sarah Palin will be able to see this from her house in Alaska :p
  16. Oh wait, i got history mixed up xD
  17. Do you mean the 2nd korean war..? maybe
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  18. (please correct me if i am wrong), the "first" Korean war never ended.

    It is only a matter of time before ww3, we are past the point of turning back. I wouldn't be surprised if the NK is attacking US property in SK as we type.