No Man's Sky

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  1. Ive played the game a few hours already on PC, and I can say it sucks. There is almost nothing to do, one of the most mundane video games I have ever played. I am going to attempt to refund it, planets are the same looking to me, horrible lag and crashing right now for everyone playing it, anyone else have anything to say about it?
  2. I have heard that it is a potato-computer simulator.
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  3. I've heard that it's for a very niche audience and doesn't feel complete. I've also heard the PC port is pretty bad. I know that it hasn't been marketed on what it actually is and many people expected something different.

    I've been anticipating the game for years. I don't know if I still want to buy it or not (PC port thing is redundant since I'd be buying it on PS4). People who enjoy the game have told me that it's good but to wait a little while for them to beef content up in updates.

    For now I think I'll save my money to buy that One Direction book a girl I know wants so I can tease/impress her.
  4. Its just an expensive screen saver, id rate it 5/10 and probably buy it for 5 dollars.
  5. I've heard the first 2 hours are pretty awesome, but then it becomes too repetitive, and is repetitive to its core.

    Also, it's only singleplayer. Could be a LOT more entertaining and worthwhile if there were coop or something, but it's all just bleak isolation. From what I've heard, not worth the 60 bucks or the hype its received.
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  6. I haven't heard good things about it... and this thread goes to prove :p
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  7. I have refunded and will probably buy Battlefield 1 instead
  8. My husband loves it, but he is the niche audience that it's aimed at I think. Even so, I know he's mentioned content updates already with it. Just from hearing him talk/gush, it sounds like a beta release to me even though it's not supposed to be that. If it quacks like a duck and waddles like a duck... ;)
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  9. I have it on ps4. I could see it being great if you love exploring but unfortunately, I don't. It runs stable enough and is certainly pretty but I don't really think it's worth 60$.
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  10. You should see the PC version, they didnt even try and make it work well for PC
  11. girls > videogames
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  12. Im going to wait until this game is more updated. All gameplay I've seen on Twitch and Youtube and Reviews on both platforms have been 5/10 - 1/10. Just a incomplete tech demo from the looks of it.
  13. Nah, just this specific girl, with whom I probably have no chance with because I only know her over the internet but I like anyway.

    If it was any other girl I will gladly play a game over listening to their problems, or buy a game rather than a One Direction book they wanted (I literally have no interest in reading it I just want to say "lol look what I got because you said you couldn't afford it").
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  14. if you like the girl it's probably best to come up with something better to say to her when you have the book. maybe something simpler like "I picked up this book, would you like to come over and read it with me?".
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  15. Sure, I'll book her a two way flight to the UK from Germany with the £10 I have in my PayPal and a box of tic tacs so she can read it with me :rolleyes:

    Or she could steal her dad's car and drive to the UK to read the book but that takes too long.
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  16. fair enough, good luck with the girl
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  17. Well, when it comes to repetitiveness then I think a lot of games can suffer from that, including Minecraft. Still, when looking at this thing I can't help think "Elite" and the Microsoft adaptation "Freelancer", two games I kind of enjoyed but which also became repetitive pretty quick.

    I think the main problem for this game is that the game environment is too big. Comparable to the map of GTA V. Both game companies advertise with "huge gaming field", but it takes more than a huge area to actually make good gameplay. Looking at GTA V: I stopped playing singleplayer entirely because there's nothing to do (I still like to sporadically play GTA IV singleplayer). GTA online, same story: I sporadically like to do mission sprees but after that I take a break for a few months because... There's nothing to do, it gets boring watching all those drones drive in their cars.

    Same applies here I think. Thousands of planets sounds fun, but if every planet more or less feels the same then it gets boring real quick.

    I also read in a review that after a certain patch the game progress for all players got reset. Mandatory reset. So if you spend x hours in the game then: wham. Sayonara.

    Well, after I read that I'm pretty sure I'll never pick this one up ever. Because putting effort into something and then seeing it go "poof" is a sure way to lose me as player :p
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  18. I am on the fence with the game. On one hand, exploring sounds kind of fun and since I will get it for ps4, I won't have to worry about the port troubles. On the other hand, if the algorithms and stuff they use don't offer enough variety, things will get boring.
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  19. Usually it's only the Online portion of that game I hear those kind of things about, and as someone who has never really played GTA V before (I've played about 5 minutes of it at a friend's house when it came out and my mum got mad and stopped me from going to my friend's houses sometime afterwards, and I grew up on Vice City), I think the single player looks way more fun and is probably a jackpot of it on PC with all the weird mods people make.

    I can, however, see where that 'big, bland sandbox world' argument comes from. I have experienced it myself with Minecraft. People always say that with this game you can never run out of things to do, but I'd like to think after six years of playing the thing I have done everything there is for me to do. I've built castles, I've played on multiplayer servers, I've made friends on it (all of which come from EMC lol), I've played with my real life friends on it, I've played adventure maps and I used to play with mods all the time. Hell, I even used to make short movies with it when I was 11 years old. There isn't much I can do in my single player worlds anymore because two of them I've had since the game was in Beta and things don't look pretty with new updates if I go and load up new chunks (which require more and more walking away every time I do this), I don't want to move on from them because they're many years old and I have done a lot in them, and there's not much that interests me in the updates - I have a serious gap of knowledge between 1.7 and 1.10, mostly because I can't be bothered checking.

    There's a few games I have yet to experience much boredom with: and that is Fallout: New Vegas and Crusader Kings 2 (this was originally Victoria 2 but it sticks relatively close to real life events, and playthroughs do get same-y after a while), as well as *maybe* Skyrim. I'm always finding new places to explore and random quests to do, and the maps aren't even really that big - they just pack a lot into those small spaces. Crusader Kings 2 is there just because each game I play has random, unique things happening in it: Norway winning the 1066 invasion, the Holy Roman Empire creating randomised border gore that create new little problems (or advantages if you're France with a Pope-granted invasion or something) every time. I'm sure I will eventually get bored, but in the 3-4 years I've been playing these games I've never been bored.

    That's something Minecraft and all of its clones lack: structure. They have no structure, nothing to follow, and very big open spaces and will often forget to pack it with content. A small map is fine when its got stuff to do, a big map is also fine when it's got stuff to do - but they often don't. Game developers nowadays seem to think that packing it with Assassin's Creed-esque side missions (liberate this town! Liberate the other town! Kill this random dude!) is 'content', but no, it's not. It's incredibly boring. It's why I thought Just Cause 3 was relatively bad. They need varied landscapes, fun gameplay that keeps people engaged, and something every now and then to keep people entertained - take random little quests for example. I think the Silver Shadow quest in Fallout 4 was relatively hidden and its an absolute gem - same with The Witcher 3's (this is a pinnacle of good map and game design to me) Bloody Baron quest.

    This was long and I have no idea what my point is lol. Make good games with a story structure of some kind and don't blatantly copy Minecraft, people.
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  20. Feels like they could fix it up, in the way the game destiny was fixed up, started mediocre but had some good elements, some dlcs and community back up and bam, the game is good. If they don't try, then this game is a flop and fails like the other game sony made; The Order 1886