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  1. Please welcome the newest Minty Man to the team!

    He is pretty experienced with creative mode so he should be able to help most Senior Staff services right off the bat =)
  2. first

    the more green the better ;)
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  3. Awesome!
    Congratz Simon!
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  4. congrats
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  5. * Woot* Congrats!
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  6. Congrats!
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  7. Woo!
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  8. nice! great job on all the hard work to get here
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  9. Congrats! :)
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  10. Congratulations! :D That stick tho.. reminds of some screenshots :)
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  11. Well it's about time... ;)
  12. If you see this, you are more awesome that a person who is not awesome... >.<
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  13. Definitely well deserved, Simon will make an amazing addition to Senior Staff.
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  14. Congrats well deserved!!!! :)
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  15. :eek: Congrat Simon!
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  16. As a mod, he was granted the BAN HAMMER
    As a senior staff, he is granted a stick.

  17. That stick has wondrous powers.
  18. Nice, congratulations Simon!

    The good part, obviously, getting a promotion is always nice. The "bad" part (don't take it the wrong way, but you know better ;)) is that this may also mean you'll get more "staff work" to do and we may be seeing you a little less frequently around.

    BUT, since I wrote down most of the things which make your client go beep I'll be sure to draw your attention if the need arises ;)

    he, he: so this is why you asked me to take a little care of all the stuff in that pond eh? ;) Well, don't you worry about that, I'll see what I can do :)
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