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  1. the EMC SS or the German SS :p
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  2. Congratulations!
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  3. Awesome!!!Congratz
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  4. Grats man! ;)
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  5. Congratulations!
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  6. Rainbow owns the dropper, so b4dman uses a dispencer :p
  7. Congratulations!! Well done and great to have even more experience!!
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  8. What about more purple? Or dark blue
    Btw, it is no "more green" its just a different shade of green...
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  9. Congrats Simon! :)
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  10. Agreed, I have a question: Will there be any more purpies?
  11. Lol. What are purpies???
  12. Admin lol.
  13. If there is, it won't be B4DMAN5IMON....he's too green. :p
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  14. Well.. Chickeneer is admin on one of the 15 EMC servers.
  15. I'm wondering what you mean by this... I don't get it.
  16. Chickeneer knows what I mean :)
  17. O-0-ok krysyy..
  18. Fake.EMC.us?
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  19. Chickeneer has his own dev server, which is disconnected from the normal servers. He assigned himself owner rank on it. So that's what he means.
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  20. Dang man you are a boss