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  1. CONGRATZ!!!
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  2. *krysyy walks in* *demotes Rainbowchin* "bwhahaha now I have foiled your take over!"
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  3. Congrats Simon ^_^
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  4. heh, demotions can't stop me :p
  5. "B4DMAN5IMON,

    Your username breaks chat regulations, you're so constantly not paying attention to the game that you have a thread devoted to catching you in the act of being afk, you take long hiatuses, you don't even have your own computer, so you're never in irc, and we can think of no one who we would more rather have as a part of the Senior Staff team. Would you like to join, making all your amazing building work on your residences totally lose its value, 'cause people'll just think you used Creative Mode/WorldEdit to do it?"

    That's how I imagine krysyy's PM sounded.

    In all seriousness, though, you obviously totally deserved it - I actually find it a bit weird now that you were just a lowly moderator before. ;)
  6. *Aikar walks in* *demotes Krysyy* *demotes max* "there now there is 4 American senior staff!"
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  7. His residences will remain legit under a separate account once he gets the account. His builds on those residences are ridiculously complicated, even for having creative mode and the survival nature of them will be preserved.
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  8. OMG! Congratz!
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  9. That would be 4.
    chickeneer and ignoramoose are American
  10. YOU SAW NOTHING!! *throws dust*
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  11. Congrats dude!
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  12. Congrats Simon! Don't let Krysyy give you too much sass.

    How didn't I get that deal :p ?
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  13. You never asked.
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  14. Gg Well done :D
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  15. Woot, congratulations!
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  16. It would be
    Fore thee loaf ave Aikar... ewes popper glamour... eye mien rylee...

    anyone who can decode this gets 1r. send it to me in a PM
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  17. I thought we usually didn't promote players that have bad in there name? oh the exception is because it is b4d =P not bad
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  18. He's b4d to the bone!
  19. way cool! Congratz Simon aka: Mr Bad to the Bone.
    lol chickeneer
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