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  1. Because everybody is always using a fire res potion at every moment in the nether, correct?

    By the time you finish drinking the potion, you will be dead. Or you won't be dead and your Diamond Armor will be dying. At the end of the day, the Lava would have drained more resources than a Ghast ever would, because you can't kill Lava with a pickaxe.
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  2. i can.

    no i cant
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  3. So THAT'S why they don't hurt... I was wondering if it was the massive lag...

    Well, the more ya' know!

    Every governmental system is flawed. Welcome to Earth.

    Teh lulz. But it's much better if it's a creeper spawner... idk, is there such a thing?
    I'll bet there isss-sss-sss-sss-sss...
  4. Yeah because lava isn't stationary and always moving around you can't avoid it either.... Lawl ... I've fallen in lava before and both times I was building a lava bridge. I think I know when to have the potion enabled to give me the best chance to live. Lava is not dynamic and can easily be avoided all the rest of the time. You haven't played in a real mine craft server if you think that lava is the worst thing there. Gasts fireballs will tear you up if you aren't paying attention to your surroundings and on top of that you have to dodge the lava while trying to swat back those fireballs or run like hell to get out of the blasts. The nether is a walk in the park on this server when you don't have to worry about them compared to other servers.
  5. I thought this was clear. The reason we say NO PVP, is very simply the fact if you fight back and they take a screenshot of you attacking them who do you thing is going to get banned? If we find out you killed someone even if they attacked you first who do you think will get banned?

    No pvp means exactly that NO PVP
  6. I decided that we've hijacked this thread way beyond what this was intended for so

    continue this here:
  7. I like rupees update but when you type /r all you have to do is type /money
  8. Everyone come to 2114 store please I'm doing half price from 20 r to 10 r on everything so come now
  9. TNT will not be enabled outside of Town, I tracked TNT usage over a long period of time and it was really only used by people to blow away huge areas of land right outside the spawns :)

    I am not 100% sure TNT being disabled is what keeps the ghasts fireballs from doing damage, if it was all explosions it would have also had the same effect on creepers. It was logged as a bug with Bukkit with 1.0 (fireballs being harmless) but I will look into it again and check my code the prevents TNT :)
  10. That's what I figured as well. And yes I've seen the past results of TNT lol. ;)

    I'd like to at least have SOME danger in the nether...right now it's quite easy to fight gasts cuz you don't even have to all...what so ever...they aren't a threat to me.
  11. I agree, when it can be fixed ghasts fireballs will be enabled :)
  12. thanks muchly! :) So they said it's a known bug on all 1.0 servers?
  13. tbh, I find even the Blazes to be pathetically easy. I don't even worry too much about their fireblasts, because I just carry 12 bowls of 'shroom stew with me. They're so easy to refill and the blazes go down after 3-4 hits with an iron sword. Idk, the only thing about Ghast fireballs that scared me was their ability to destroy the landscape. I've been dropped into the lava ocean once because I was standing on some netherrack that got involved in a Ghast blast. >.<

    Anyways... yeah, would like to have the Ghast's attacks back on plz.
  14. justin guy, i got an idea! you could make so we can pay peolpe on the website too! so you can write players name and amount and pay them from the website?
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  15. I like this idea, as have many times used PM as a way of writing out receipts for due monies to my supporters in the Glass Shelf project... Not all are donators of items and I will eventually pay them for their help, but now the focus is building, later is the focus of reciprocating efforts. :D
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  16. Word for you both: blazes
  17. what is the "Glass shelf project?"
  18. Blazes my foot... pathetic.
  19. ohhh, smart! i wouldnt.., but is it any chanse for having the system so we can pay from website too?