Glass Shelf project!

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    Ok, I have started this intense Glass Shelf project on a whim...
    I have garnered tons of support over the last several days...
    I am far along and yet I do not have full recollection of what has been donated/sold by who...
    I currently have a wall of "Deposit Boxes" that currently are being used for additional donations for when I am offline. :)
    What I need from everyone who has helped is a message here claiming responsibility for your assistance. I do not care what you gave individually, I will never be able to account for every single donation... Also, those who have donated have done so on numerous occassions of not only items but time... I can't measure all of that no matter how hard I try :D

    I am going to decorate this wall, upon completion of the Lava Ring, Glowstone and Obsidian Pillars..
    The cavern digging will be put on hold until this portion is complete... For now, the final product will probably not be ready prior to March 2012... ;)
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  2. i can think of some diamond shovels and obsidian that was given for the cause... i wonder who did that

    it was totally me ^.^
  3. Hmmm, might have been a guy by the name of ISMOOCH... lol

    smp1 has gone totally bonkers and crashed... I will build your Deposit Box tomorrow, hopefully...
  4. I donated (not much...... yet.I WILL THE GREATEST DONATOR! HAHAHA!)
  5. i had all of this glass to give you.. but no place to put it... oh wellz guess i will just throw it in your lava ^.^
  6. To think all this time i thought you were using a PC twitch, now i see it is a mac.
    We could have been such good friends.:(
    I suppose it is too late to ask for a refund on my stacks of glass :p
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  7. Mac ftw!! :D
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  8. ISMOOCH and shaunwhite1982 you guys will be added to the wall of supporters when I next go online... I overslept this morning and will undoubtedly be punished with extra time at work this evening....
    Also, they found out my cell # and I have told them for months that I do not own one.... Cat is out of the bag, for now.... :( It will be terminated again on 29 December 2011.. :rolleyes:
  9. Yea, so it seems i may be working until 2300 tonight... This makes absolute sense to my leaders somehow... I took my meds at 2300 yesterday and was late today, so lets make it so I stay at work until 2300, get home at 2330 and take my meds around 2335.... I wont be on time tomorrow either. :confused:
  10. Ok, because I had more than one person allowed to access my res, against my better judgement... I lost an enchanted diamond pickaxe of unbreaking I... Also, not sure if the lag caused this or if someone reset my donator boards, but 5 persons have been 'removed' unintentionally...
    The only 2 members I can remember at this are iotwizzylove and FaustLauncher...
    There are 3 others who need their credit as well but I can not pull them into my brain...
    For this, I am posting screenshots of every donator I have a box for.

    If you belong here and you are not currently listed, please send me a reply here, quoting the following:

    I belong on the donator wall.
    I have donated many items and will continue to contribute until the project is completed.

    Thank you for your cooperation and assistance in this entire project. I don't have a final vision for the usage of this Glass Shelf, but know that when the time comes, I will need MANY MANY more resources ;)
    The donator wall is going to be updated and beautified in the future as well. :D
  11. Top layer of the Glass Shelf is completed. Check out 2002 for a preview of what everything will look like when completed :)
  12. yes a mac user
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  13. when you use my buckets, put them back and i will get more lava.
  14. Mac users ftw! I had someone the other day ask what everyone's fps was. I told him 125. He told me to stop looking at the sky, as it dramatically raises ur fps. I did, then told him it was 95. He said, "Wow, nice PC."


    I told him I was using a Mac.


    So what exactly is this "Glass Shelf Project"? And where can I find pics of it? I mean, it sounds amazing, but I have no clue what it is!

    Anyone care to fill a noob in?
  15. It is located on my smp1 residence: 2002. It sits below my Twitch1 Monument made of Glowstone and Obsidian as well... :)
    I will post pictures as development continues. Now I am finishing the Lava Ring and the Glowstone/Obsidian Pillars...
  16. "-PRO MAC STUFF-"... what, my love for everything Mac is not tolerated here? Fine then. Be that way.


    I keed. I did ramble unnecessarily.

    I plan to visit your residence once my Christmas hiatus is over. Would love to be able to visualize this thing!

    Man, so many big projects in the works... I stand in awe at some of the pro stuff I've seen on these first 2 servers. It makes me laugh when people compliment my stuff. I just tell 'em to go look on smp1 and 2 before getting too excited. ^_^

  17. I appreciate it, but this is not the place for it...
  18. As I already said, I rambled unnecessarily. ^_^

    Stop making me look bad! ;)
  19. Lava ring is now completed! I actually gathered things in the wild. haha :)
  20. Most people hate Mac. I tolerate it, but I cannot stand the operating system.