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  1. I see what you did there.
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  2. Just to put an end to this all. Justin and I talk a LOT outside of just these forums. We've gone through countless scenarios of what could and couldn't happen with a PVP system in place, and in the end of it all, PVP would make things much worse. We've stated that the /wild is an "at your own risk" situation for building and storing items. IF we're able to catch people with proof, we will take action, however if there is no proof, then sorry to say, but as stated, it's an "at your own risk" situation.

    After visiting many other servers for research, it's clear that our /town is the absolute best answer to anti-griefing in Minecraft currently. If people choose to do things outside of that, it's on them. Sorry to sound so direct, but that's just how it is right now.
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  3. Oh and also, setting up traps to harm other PEOPLE is considered against the rules. Although if it's a mob trap of some sort, and someone falls into it, that's clearly not your fault.
  4. It may or may not be hilarious, though.
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  5. Selling normal pistons dont work! just to let everyone know! If i find more i will post them :)
  6. Just so's you know, I've been talking with mods and admins on other posts and they frown heavily on PVP killz, even in defense of one's stuff. Hmmmph. But they make teh rulez, we just have to obey.

    But if you catch 'em stealing from you and you're all alone... well, no one can hear you scream in the wilderness... ^_^
  7. Yes, I had someone do that once, was full of his bad self, sprinting towards the spawn without a moment's regard for where he was running. Fell right on top of my cacti pit for creepers. I lulzed. Then I helped the poor guy out.
  8. tl;dr

    i think you have the right to defend yourself. I was attacked by a couple regulars a week or two ago(yea you know who you are ;) ). I had to fend them off and pushed them off the ledges(into water) since they were trying to set me on fire(loaded with resources on my way back home)

    I think if someone actively attacks you, and you have the means, take em out. this isn't church here. Passive defense is something that is just too natural to detour from... Even warning signs for traps say, here I am!

    Setting traps is just kinda nasty.

    These are the rules that seem to apply here; No griefing, No pvping, and the ONLY safe place is in town. Got something you like? take it to town, or run the risk of intruders, like it or not.
  9. Amen. This sums it all up. If I get banned for protecting my inventory on the way home, then that's just the way it's gonna be. Fortunately, the only things I've had to fend off on the way back so far have been mobs ^_^
  10. We'll just have people deploying "mob traps" and calling it ok. Either way, an admin is going to have to be a part of it. I respect your position on PvP but really, there has to be some method to which we can defend ourselves out here to prevent people from taking stuff, or make it a perm ban if people are violating the rules and caught. Either way the system is a bit flawed IMO. It can be a one person's word against another's and then who's side do you take when the waters are murky? If you let the players decide by duking it out, and 10 of his buddies can come help defend him as well, griefing won't be as much of an issue as you think. The only people that'll care to follow the rules are the people paying money like me cuz we won't want to lose our investment of real cash. The free players won't care if they grief someone and are banned as TJBoy11 just showed. Even his post states he's setting up mob traps and people are falling in them...when someone falls in your trap who's to blame more, the guy who setup the trap or the idiot who fell in it?
  11. Mob tap, i cant place one? I was gonna make a creeper destroyer with ze tnt
  12. TNT is disabled on empire servers sorry.
  13. Goku you are completely right. I would defenitly being a diamond supporter never even want to grief or begriefed.
  14. Mob Trap ~= Hole in floor with lava.
    Mob Trap == Room with spawning pads for the sake of harvesting mob drops / XP.

    If you make a hole and somebody falls in it, the hole served no purpose other than having something fall in it. It is not a Mob Trap, as mobs do not walk in to holes on purpose.

    If somebody mines their way in to your actual mob trap and proceeds to be eaten by zombies, that's just funny. It isn't your fault at all. Placing random lava pits isn't funny, it's just annoying. Annoying = Bad
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  15. annoying does in fact equal bad.

    it means more when someone else says it right behind you ^.^
  16. Not sure if you guys knew this but with TNT disabled you took away gast's teeth. Their fireballs do no damage at all. The nether is actually more safe than the overworld IMO. The biggest threat in the nether are the gasts... You really should turn on TNT at least outside town...
  17. I like the nether the way it is now, it is like taking a holiday in Hell :)
  18. One word to you.

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  19. I agree with crazy on this one, lava is more of a threat than the ghasts fireballs, after all it is the fireballs that know you into the lava :)

    Funfact #1: More than 10 people a year are killed by a vending machine XD
  20. Five words for you, 8 minute fire invincibility potion...