[NEW POLICY] Counting and Alphabet Forum Games

Discussion in 'Forum Games' started by Krysyy, Jan 11, 2018.

  1. It's incredible that someone could've caught that.
  2. :p that is what I mean by 1000 clones!
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  3. took yall long enough. those threads were more annoying than 1r auctions
  4. 1r auctions? Man, I missed them completely! I didn't even see them! What made them so annoying? Just the sheer count of them, like with the counting threads?
  5. sorry for making the original one that spiraled into a million different parodies of it :oops:
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  6. Are 1 r auctions illegal now? I always liked how they mimic $.99 auctions on eBay. Gets people bidding.
  7. He's referring to when players would make max bid increments of 1r. Resulting in an auction PAGES long with multiple instances of players ninja'ing each other and everything out of order.
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  8. Thank you. I wanted to make sure I didn't miss something. I am trying to make some more time for EMC.
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  9. No problem. I sometimes miss updates too. Especially if Aikar sneaks them in a nightly reboot.
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  10. they arent illegal, just frustrating lol (also when i was a mod i tried to make them illegal)
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  11. That's amazing! I hadn't even seen most of those, I really didn't think there were that many spin-offs and satirical imitations.

    I guess that was the closest inducement! Don't be sorry, though, it was a genius idea. :p
    It is a bit of a shame though that besides that, another classic was closed: Battle of the Sexes. The only Sky thread that still got some activity. But oh well. :)
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  12. Finally! Thanks! :D Though the counting game was fun at first, it got stale relatively quickly, in my opinion. Then people just seemed to spam posts on there... :p

    Though it might seem similar at first, the counting with pictures thread is completely different. As a (finally returned :D) regular visitor, the counting is just a "background rule"; the main objective to us is seeing all the interesting different pictures, that also happen to have a number on it. Sometimes we look a little further when searching for the pictures, and even learn something from it!

    And posting isn't as easy as in a regular counting thread; everytime you have to search for a new picture, and find one with a proper number (which has been increasingly harder recently...), and not another number, as otherwise 607 complains. :p

    You got an eye of blocking out unnecessary threads. ;)
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  13. I think it was just closed because we reached 500k members
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  14. Well, I suppose this was in order. I didn't really participate in those much anyway, so it doesn't really affect me. I'm glad you guys handled it properly. I used to be a member of a server where if the staff didn't like something on the forums (namely an admin and a few moderators), they would be VERY rude and just shut the thread down with a negative message. (This was before they put a policy in place)
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